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Rodin College House

3901 Locust Walk, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6135
House Office: 215.573.3576  •  Hours: Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM

http://rodin.house.upenn.edu • rodin@collegehouses.upenn.edu

 "A bold spirit drives our House"

Rodin College House

The first thing that grabs your eye when you walk into Rodin is our cavalcade of whiteboards. One displays the week’s upcoming activities, one highlights our hottest event, one greets you with an inspirational message, and one sends you on your way with a little joke.  It may make you roll your eyes, but you’ll definitely leave smiling! The second thing that gets your attention is our live-size inflatable buck. Yes, you read that correctly—that’s Rodin’s enDEERing mascot who protects our residents with grace and dignity. 

Rodin Room

Eventually, you will reach the top of this high rise, and after you’ve visited our Rooftop Lounge for a Halloween Dance, Super Bowl Party, Arts Showcase, or just to study surrounded by a view that can only be described as breathtaking, you may be ready to return yourself to solid ground. Stop by the House Office! In addition to our smiling student staff associates and our art room, we have free candy, condoms, and a canoe hanging from our ceiling. Yes, you read that correctly too. Unfortunately, unlike the candy and condoms, the canoe is not free.  

Underground Shakespeare

If floating in a canoe eight feet above the ground isn’t your thing, perhaps you would like to check out one of our music practice rooms or catch a show performed by our resident theatre group, the Underground Shakespeare Company. Their latest performance of Julius Caesar was to die for! (...too soon?) 

Rodin is known for its emphasis on the arts. Oh, you didn’t know that? Now you do. Three of our residential programs are arts-related (Music, Theatre, and Visual Arts); we refer to them collectively as  TRAC (The Rodin Arts Collective). Their commitment to arts and culture, led by our brilliant faculty members and GAs, is unparalleled. We also offer residential programs related to Jewish Cultural Studies and Leadership, in case that’s what’s really up your alley. 

Sometimes a full residential program is a little too much commitment. Instead, how about an hour-long chat over dinner with a lecturer who is an expert in their field? Come to a Rodin_24! You can learn about everything from “How to Prevent Gun Violence” to American Sign Language, from Kenyan Culture and Education to “Untangling the Roots of Black Hair in America.”  

But maybe you just came home to relax? No problem. Just hop up the stairs to the first floor for a screening of the latest blockbuster or whatever show Shonda Rhimes is currently dazzling audiences with in our Movie Screening Room. Or if it’s Tuesday, stop by the Upper Lobby for Tower Hour, our bi-weekly study break. Our snacks and activities will fill your heart with nostalgia and your belly with food! You may also want to keep an eye out for Rodin Night in activities where we bring the fun to you. Do you like laser tag? How about casino nights? Maybe a masquerade? Sometimes, the best nights are the ones where you stay in!

Rodin is extremely safe and secure, but we’re not immune to that pesky common cold. Just grab a sick day care package made especially for you by our #rodinCARES team. Two years ago, our House Council created a student group dedicated to uplifting our residents academically, professionally, socially, and emotionally. In addition, this team invited all of Rodin to help paint a beautiful mural representing our House. If there is something we can do to make you relax and feel good, #rodinCARES about it. 

Rodinites in Kayaks

As comfortable as our House is, we want Rodinites to engage with the world beyond Locust Walk. Rodin United is dedicated to inclusiveness through a celebration of diversity and global engagement. Earth Rodin focuses on sustainability and environmentally-friendly, green initiatives. These two groups host screenings, lectures, dinners, and anything you can think of where you can come together with active minds to learn, share, and grow. And we also have a full team of staff and faculty dedicated to bringing academic and research opportunities your way, so you can put those thoughts into action!

You may have heard a rumor that Rodin has no freshmen. Well, that’s actually true! Freshman year is a special year for students, but so is sophomore, junior, and senior year. We think every year should be celebrated, so we have activities targeted to each different class that inhabits our halls. 

I hope your head isn’t spinning from the tour. Now that you know Rodin is the place for you, we’re going to go back to prepping our huge Welcome Week for Fall 2017, full of activities to make your move in process smooth and ridiculously fun! Our motto is “To be rather than to seem” and, future Rodinite, we can’t wait to show you all that we can be!