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About Residential Programs

One of the greatest benefits of the College House program is the opportunity to live with students and faculty who share a passion for a particular subject. The Residential Programs are living environments that provide such an opportunity.Membership in a Residential Program is completely voluntary and requires a special application process — most often an essay.

Residential Programs applications for upperclassmen will be accepted January 15 at 9am – January 21, 2014 at 5pm, at MyHomeAtPenn.

Upon admission into a Program, the House Dean will provide an Occupancy Agreement for applicants to fill out which will then be forwarded to the Department of Housing and Conference Services.

Freshman applications for Residential Programs must be made through the online Housing Application. Incoming freshmen may list up to two preferences and these will be considered your top choices(s). Most of the Residential Programs require an essay at the time of application. The exceptions are the programs in Hill and Du Bois College Houses and the Film program in Gregory College House. Your essay should describe your present interests and activities related to the Program, the contributions you expect to make, and the benefits you hope to derive from community membership. Applicants' essays for the Modern Languages Residential Program should describe formal and informal language experience. Your essay should be no longer than 500 words. These essays are reviewed by the House Dean for acceptance into the Program and room assignment. The types of rooms available to freshmen are limited. While your preference will be considered, if accepted into a Program you will be assigned to any available space.

Huntsman Integrated Studies Program Freshmen enrolled in the Huntsman Program for International Studies and Business are required to select the Huntsman Program as their first housing preference. Similarly, Benjamin Franklin Scholars must request the Integrated Studies Program as their first housing preference. As residency is required for both programs, no Residential Program essay is needed.

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