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College House Cup Standings

College House Cup: Play for Pride

Winning the Cup & Understanding Points
There are two categories of events (participation and competition):

  • Participation Only Events (PO): Any House that has 5 or more residents participate in an event together will automatically earn 10 points
  • Competition Based Events (CB): Any event where teams place first, second and third will earn 50 points for first place; 25 points for second place; and 10 points for third place. All additional Houses represented will earn 5 points/team

The winning House gets a catered CUP CELEBRATION with sepcial celebrity guests from campus!

Point Totals for Calendar Year 2017-2018
Check back regularly for updates on the standings.

House Rank Points
Gregory 1st 65
Stouffer 2nd 55
Ware 3rd 45
KCECH 3rd 45
Fisher Hassenfeld 4th 20
Harnwell 4th 20
Hill 4th 20
Riepe 4th 20
Du Bois 4th 20
Rodin 5th 15
New 6th 5
Harrison - -

Final Point Totals for Calendar Year 2016-2017

House Rank Points
Stouffer 1st 145
New 2nd 75
Du Bois 3rd 65
Kings Court English 4th 50
Ware 4th 50
Harrison 5th 35
Harnwell 6th 15
Rodin 7th 10
Fisher Hassenfeld 8th 5
Riepe 9th 0
Gregory -- --