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Quaker Days Research Conference

Quaker Days Research Conference

8th Annual Quaker Days Undergraduate Research Conference

THURSDAY, April 13, 2017 • 9:00am - Noon
Arch Fireside Lounge (2nd Floor)
Presented by the Center for Undergraduate Research & Fellowships (CURF)
and College Houses & Academic Services (CHAS)

Session One
9:00 am–10:25 am

5 Minute Papers

Austin Bream C’17 W’17 
Underground Environmentalism: The GDR environmental movement in the 1980s and beyond
Mentor: Bethany Wiggin (Germanic Languages and Literature)

Miranda Lupion C’17
The keyboard is mightier than the sword: Assessing the Kremlin’s weaponization of Russian-language digital media
Mentor: Sara McGuire (International Relations)

Cristina Serban C’17
Policy Recommendations for Migrant and Refugee Protection in Rabat
Mentor: Sara McGuire (International Relations)

William Saunders C’18 
Optimizing Difference Imaging to Identify Trans-Neptunian Objects using the Dark Energy Survey
Mentor: Gary Bernstein (Physics and Astronomy)
University Scholars

Anya Hall E’18
Local Magnetic Field Shift in Myocardial Hemorrhage Characterized by Magnetic Susceptibility
Mentor: Walter Witschey (Radiology)
National Science Foundation Alliance for Minority Participation

60-Second Lectures

Ivana Kohut C’18
Guantanamera: An Analysis of Maternal and Primary Healthcare Systems (PART TWO)
Mentor: Adriana Petryna (Anthropology)
College House Research Fellow, Harrison College House

Daniel Thompson C’17
Defrocking Cuba’s Clergy: The Catholic Church’s Struggle for Autonomy in Revolutionary Cuba, 1959-1961
Mentor: Ann Farnsworth-Alvear (History)
Gelfman International Summer Fund

Linda Lin C’18
Curating as Feminist Activism: Exhibitions on Women Artists and Feminist Art in the US: 1977-2007
Mentor: Christine Poggi (History of Art)
College House Research Fellow, Rodin College House

Rachel Wilson E’19
Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Mentor: Ray Gorte (Chem. & Biomolecular Engineering)
National Science Foundation, Louis Stokes for Minority Participation (AMP)

Sharika Bamezai C’18
Hemodynamic Forces Regulate Heart Valve Development
Mentor: Mark Kahn (Perelman School of Medicine CVI Institute)
Pincus-Magaziner Family Undergraduate Research Grant

Ramathi Bandaranayake C’18
A Quantitative Study on Mathematics Anxiety as a Predictor of Grades in the National GCE O/L Math Exam in Sri Lanka
Mentor: Herbert Turner (Quantitative Methods Div.)
Hassenfeld Foundation Grant

Nimansha Jain C’17 
Common variant near SNCA gene predicts motor phenotype, disease progression, and SNCA brain expression in Parkinson’s Disease
Mentor: Alice Chen-Plotkin (Neurology)

Cecilia Wang N ’19
Handoffs and Transitions in Critical Care (HATRICC)
Mentor: Meghan Lane-Fall (Anesthesiology & Crit. Care)
PURM - Penn Undergraduate Research Mentoring Fund


Session Two
10:30 am–12:00 pm

5 Minute Papers

Armen Bagdasarov C’18
Motor Behavior as a Qualitative Difference in the Spontaneous Production of Co-Speech Hand Gestures by Adults with ASD
Mentor: Robert Schultz (Departments of Pediatrics and Psychiatry)

Lauren Brunsdale C’17
Evaluating Landscape and Vegetation Change Using Remote Sensing in the Ventura River Watershed, California
Mentor: Jane Dmochowski (Earth and Environmental Science)
Penn Undergraduate Climate Action Grant

Simon Sangmin Oh E’18
ImpactScore: A Novel Credit Score for Social Impact
Mentor: Jeremy Tobacman (Department of Business Economics and Public Policy)
Wharton Research Scholars

Ogul Uner C’17
Investigating Molecular Compensation in SAP97 Neuronal Knockout Mice
Mentor: Robert Kalb (Neurology)
College Alumni Society Research Grant

60-Second Lectures

Ryan Leone C’19 W’19
Reducing Cognitive Deficits After Traumatic Brain Injuries in Multi-Trauma Incidents
Mentor: Jose Pascual (Surgical Critical Care and Emergency Surgery)

Samantha Snyder C’18
Wrongful Convictions Study
Mentor: Charles Loeffler (Criminology)
PURM - Penn Undergraduate Research Mentoring Fund

Blake Pittell C’17
China’s Influence on Hollywood
Mentor: Guobin Yang
College Alumni Society Research Grant

Eash Aggarwal C’20
Accounting for short-term variability in human memory
Mentor: Michael Kahana (Psychology)

Isabella Viney C’19
Acetyl-CoA’s story in the nucleus: a possible link between ATP citrate lyase and DNA damage
Mentor: Kathryn Wellen (Cancer Biology)

Jacqueline Nikpour N’17
School Nurses: A Key Link to Building Healthy Communities
Mentor: Susan Hassmiller
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Akansha Jain C’17
Unorthodox binding sites formed by α5 and β3 subunits in α4β2* nicotinicm acetylcholine receptors for treating smoking addiction
Mentor: Jon Lindstrom (Department of Neuroscience)
College Alumni Society Research Grant