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CHAS announces three new Program Communities

College Houses and Academic Services are proud to announce the creation of three new Program Communities for 2019-2020.  These Communities are programs designed to provide a living-learning environment concentrated on a shared interest of the residents.

New College House will host 2XP: The Second Year Experience. In 2XP, sophomores will be able to live together in a community where they can engage in activities that support their unique needs, challenge themselves to build on their experiences, and celebrate the knowledge and talents they bring to New College House.

Harnwell College House will be home to the Biosciences Community, a diverse cohort of individuals passionate for making a difference in the natural sciences, who share a similar interest in either scientific research, medical education or a combination of both. The community program will a unique space for these individuals to collaborate and work on scientific projects that are directly relevant for their professional scientific careers.

New College House will also be the center of next year's Student Designed Community: SPrInG (Science Project Initiative Group).  SPrInG was proposed through the community design process by a group of STEM students interested in creating a science-based project incorporating the majors and interests of all the people on the floor. Through uniting a variety of majors, they will create an interdisciplinary project which shows the reality of scientific endeavors: that in the real world, projects don't stay isolated in tidy academic subfields, but require input from participants in various fields of expertise. 

The Program Community application period is from January 24 to January 28, 2019.  More information about these programs and the other Program Communities at Penn are available at this link.