College House Survey: The Competition is ON

Whether you're in a first-year House, an upperclass high rise, or a four-year House, your House is competing against the other Houses of its type for a $300 prize based on the percentage of residents who finish the survey, to be used for a House-wide celebration event.  Additionally, your House will win College House Cup points based on the percentage of residents who complete the survey. Make sure your House's voice is the best represented and help improve the College House experience for everybody!

Here are the up-to-date stats (contest ends at 11:59 PM on Sunday:)

✅ = House is over 50% threshold

The winners will be the Houses with the highest percentage of completions among the First-Year Houses (Fisher Hassenfeld, Hill, Kings Court English, Riepe, and Ware), the Four-Year Houses (Du Bois, Gregory, New, and Stouffer), and the Upper-Class Houses (Harnwell, Harrison, and Rodin). To take the survey, you must click the link in the email which has been sent to all residents' account of record.