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College House Fellows

Each College House has one or more College House Fellows living in residence, often with their families. In conjunction with the Faculty Directors, these professors-in-residence offer students increased levels of access to Penn's renowned teachers and faculty.

One of our Faculty College House Fellows has written about his experiences in residence: My Experience as a College House Fellow.

For more information, please refer to the following documents:

House Fellow Application and Process Information PDF

House Fellow Position Description PDF

House Fellow Addendum PDF


Current College House Fellows

Fisher Hassenfeld College House

Dr. Paul Axelsen
Prof. Amalia Dache

Gregory College House

Prof. Lance Wahlert
Dr. Jamiella Brooks

Harnwell College House

Prof. Adriana Perez
Mr. Ivanco Talevski

Harrison College House

Mr. Nicola Gentili
Prof. Mona Merling

Hill College House

Dr. Fayyaz Vellani
Dr. Elizabeth Scheyder

Kings Court English College House

Prof. Jorge Santiago-Aviles
Dr. Rosemary Malague

Lauder College House

Prof. Bridgette Brawner

Lauder Residential College House

Prof. Jennifer Sternad Ponce De Leon

Riepe College House

Prof. Amy Stornaiuolo
Prof. Sebastian Gil-Riano

Rodin College House

Dr. Mauro Calcagno
Dr. Jamuna Samuel
Dr. Ariana Chao

Stouffer College House

Prof. Jurado Kellie

W.E.B. Du Bois College House

Dr. Audrey Mbeje
Prof. Krystal Strong

Ware College House

Prof. Helen Davies
Prof. Carol Muller