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College House Research Fellowship Application

Application for: Cohort Red 2020

See your College House Fellows for deadlines.

College House and room or apartment number
1. Academic Reference
The College House Research Fellowship is meant to facilitate individual research projects, not just independent study coursework, although students may seek credit for their research. Students should consult with a Penn faculty member about their project before applying, and are encouraged, although not required, to work with a faculty advisor during the year of their research. (If uncertain how to proceed, please discuss with a faculty person in your College House, who can assist you in identifying a possible advisor.)

2. Proposed Research
In 300–500 words, describe your proposed project, identifying the aim and scope of your research. Specifically, please indicate the value of your research topic within its discipline; offer a list of initial texts you plan to review as you investigate your topic; and outline your theoretical and methodological approach.

3. Personal Statement
In 300–500 words, please explain how your education, work, aspirations, and personal experience are relevant to this research, or qualify you to undertake it.

Fellowships will be announced by Wednesday, February 12, 2020.