House Life

House Life

2018 Undergraduate Research Conference

9th Annual Quaker Days Undergraduate Research Conference

THURSDAY, April 19, 2018 • 10AM - 1PM
Arch Fireside Lounge (2nd Floor)
Presented by the Center for Undergraduate Research & Fellowships (CURF)
and College Houses & Academic Services (CHAS)

Showcasing the breadth of undergraduate research at Penn, current students from each of the four Schools will present 5-minute papers and 60-second lectures on a wide array of subjects.

  • 5-minute papers: In this format, you should aim to present a coherent introduction to your topic, enlarge upon perhaps two significant argumentative points, then offer a cogent and elegant conclusion. It's perfectly reasonable to allude to a bigger project of which this presentation forms a part. But the presentation must be complete and whole in its own right. Bear in mind that you are communicating to a non-specialist audience, so complicated terminology or concepts will need to be explained. Those explanations will be part of your 5 minutes. We are budgeting a further 5 minutes for questions and discussions, so as long as presenters keep to the time limitations, there will be plenty of time to enlarge upon observations or arguments you have advanced in your presentation.
  • 60-second lectures: This is an exciting but challenging format, in which it is functionally impossible to do more than introduce an audience to a single idea, theme, or proposition. You must therefore aim for succinctness and elegance in your presentation. Your topic will inevitably be part of a much larger project, so it's essential that you both offer a coherent account of the topic you have chosen to speak on and offer indications, hints, or clues of the bigger picture that it forms a part of. Your objective is to provide enough information to your audience to facilitate a question-and-answer session--which will follow each presentation, provided presenters keep to the time limitations.

Proposals were due Monday, March 26 at 11:59PM.  
Submit proposal online and view proposal requirements at: CLICK HERE

Check out this year's presentations:

Session One: 10:00 am–11:30 am
5 Minute Papers

  • Nia Kaudo C’18 - Perpetually Bound: The Impact of 20th Century Policies on Black American and Afro-Brazilian Incarceration Rates
    Mentor: Michael Hanchard (Africana Studies)
    Jumpstart for Juniors
  • John Filosa COL'19 - Crithidia fasciculata as a model to study insect-specific adhesion        
    Michael Povelones (Pathobiology)
    College House Research Fellowship: Harrison House
  • Julia Bache WH'19 - Financial Sustainability of Historic House Museums
    Mentor: Robert St. George (History)
    University Scholars
  • Madeline Fried LPS'18 - The Gardens of Emily Dickinson
    Mentor: Chantel White (Anthropology)
    Penn Museum Fellows
  • Vanessa Weir COL'19 - Chemogenetic activation of hindbrain projections to the ventral tegmental area attenuates cocaine seeking in rats
    Mentor: Heath Schmidt (Biobehavioral Health Sciences)
    College Alumni Society Research Grant

60-second Lecture

  • Joseph Maggiore ENG'19 - Sustaining Neuronal Cell Survival Using Tissue Engineered Nerve Grafts
    Mentor: D. Kacy Cullen (Neurosurgery)
    Vagelos Undergraduate Research Grant
  • Alice Liu COL'20 - Distributed rhythm generators underlie Caenorhabditis elegans forward locomotion
    Mentor: Christopher Fang-Yen (Bioengineering)
    College House Research Fellowship: Ware House
  • Brian Zhong COL'20 - Variation in oxytocin and vasopressin receptor genes and impacts on social behavior among the Cayo Santiago rhesus macaques
    Mentor: Michael Platt (Neuroscience)
    Penn Undergraduate Research Mentoring Program (PURM)
  • Arshia Faghri COL'19 - Shared Decision Making in the Breast Cancer Treatment Consultation: A Comparative Analysis of English and Spanish Speaking Patients
    Mentor: Marilyn Schapira (Medicine)
    University Scholars, American Cancer Society Research Scholar Grant
  • Maramawit Abera COL'18 - City Uncensored: Social Media as a Tool For HIV Intervention
    Mentor: Robin Stevens (Family and Community Health)
    College House Research Fellowship: Du Bois House
  • Kathryn Dura COL'18 - A Game Theoretic Model Evaluating the Impact of UAVs on Signaling and Escalation
    Mentor: Sara McGuire (International Relations)
  • Cornell Overfield COL'18 - All Quiet on the West German Front? East German Political Agitation in West Germany (1945-1955)
    Mentor: Samuel Helfont (International Relations)
    International Affairs Association Global Research Forum

Session Two: 11:30 am-1:00 pm
5 Minute Papers

  • Rebecca Gelfer COL'19 - Glucose Signaling and the Regulation of Liver Metabolism
    Mentor: Paul Titchenell (Physiology)
    Vagelos Undergraduate Research Grant
  • Natasha Wood COL'18 - Race, Sexuality, and the Nation: Soviet-Cuban ideological conflict in Jesus Diaz's Siberiana
    Mentor: Oscar Montoya (Hispanic Studies)
  • Christy Charnel NUR'18 - Perceptions of Spirituality and Religion among Haitian Immigrants/Descendants with Cancer
    Mentor: Lisa Lewis (Nursing)
    College House Research Fellowship: Du Bois House
  • Richard Diurba COL'18 - Calibrating 10kT of Liquid Argon to Detect Neutrinos
    Mentor: Josh Klein (Physics)
    Department of Education Work Study
  • David Gordon COL'19 - Graphene Nanoplatelet-Based Superhydrophobic Spray-Coatings Applied to Rapidly Deployable Humanitarian Relief Tents
    Mentor: Daeyeon Lee (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering)
    Penn's Summer Undergraduate Research Group Grants (SURGG) 

60-second Lectures

  • Kathryn Khaw ENG'19 - Twitter as a Predictive Model for the United States Presidential Election Compared to Exit Polls
    Mentor: Daniel Gillion (Political Science)
    College House Research Fellowship: Rodin House
  • Luke Yeagley ENG'20 - Quantifying the Freshman Experience Using a Real World Social Network
    Mentor: Victor Preciado (Electrical and Systems Engineering)
    College House Research Fellowship: King's Court English College House
  • Adam Alghalith COL'20 -Modeling Pemphigus Vulgaris and Demonstrating Potential Chimeric Autoantibody Receptor T Cell Efficacy
    Mentor: Aimee Payne (Dermatology)
  • Bienfait Igiraneza COL'20 - Identification of genes involved in biofilm formation
    Mentor: Mechthild Pohlschröder (Biology)
  • Claudia Epley COL'18 - Baltic Amber on Faliscan Fibulae: Economic Mechanisms and Interpretative Perspectives
    Mentor: Cam Grey (Classical Studies)
    Penn Museum Fellows
  • Sheridan Small COL'18 - Robert H. Lamborn and the Development of Mankind: The Intersection of Museums and Anthropology in the 19th Century
    Mentor: Megan Kassabaum (Anthropology)
    Penn Museum Fellows