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Penn Student Film Festival: All 2020 Films

College Houses presents the 2020 Penn Student Film Festival

All films submitted to the 2020 Penn Student Film Festival:

  Films initially screened by Gregory      
* Shelter Kate Lindenburg 2019         2nd prize [tie]
  Road to Empowerment Amanda Simpson 2019  
* Lucy Josh Klapper 2020  
* The Beginning Dennis Sungmin Kim 2019 1st Prize
  Flapjack Christina Piasecki 2019  
  Quarantine Sun Kacia Huynh 2020  
  More Than a Game Michele Gross 2019  
  Wander Sage Levine 2020  
  Oasis on 34th Street Amy Sun 2020  
  The Talent Show Ryan Norton 2020  
* Chicken Sofia Janak 2020  
  Films initially screened by Harrison      
* Barberhood Jennifer Chen 2019 2nd Prize [tie]
  The Golden Pavilion Chuanxin Weng 2019  
  Run at the Door Ritin Pachnanda 2020  
  My Dead Nanna Sophie Nadel 2019  
  Blink Raymon Shi 2019  
* Plain Sight Anab Aidid 2020 3rd Prize
  Last Night Lily Snider 2020  
  Mayada: She Who Is In Movement Zubaida Qaissi 2020  
* Saying Goodbye Lauren Payton 2020  
* Slava Luke Hrushanyk 2019  
  The Cheapest Man in Upenn Sophie Qi 2019  

* Film chosen as a finalist for consideration by the Penn Cinema & Media Studies jury