House Life

House Life

Balanced Living Community - "Wellness Community"

Through experiential programming, interactions with staff, and connecting to campus resources we encourage students in the BL(o)C to integrate wellness into all aspects of their Rodin experience. The BL(o)C provides students the opportunity to engage with seven dimensions of wellness to improve their quality of life and enrich their experience at Penn. The seven dimensions of wellness are: Social, Emotional, Spiritual, Environmental, Occupational, Intellectual, Physical.

Program Objectives: 

  • Identify and articulate a personal definition of wellness that integrates the seven dimensions
  • Identifying holistic wellness “strengths” and “weaknesses” in your own life, and developing a plan for addressing the areas where you want to experience additional grow in terms of wellness
  • Challenge themselves, through healthful living practices, to strive for wholeness and balance in their lives.

Kathryn Mcdonald, Rodin House Director

Program Members: 24