House Life

House Life

Biosphere: The Active Experience

Biosphere provides an exciting and fun atmosphere to all residents with an interest in the environment and in how people interact with the world around them. Biosphere evolves each year with its residents, who themselves control the specific direction the program will take. Volunteerism tends to characterize the spirit of student participation, with members often occupied with such activities as UC Green tree-plantings, involvement in the MLK Day of Service, and the House’s Courtyard Garden upkeep. Exploring all that Philadelphia has to offer means outings to the Franklin Institute, Morris Arboretum, Chinatown, the Italian Market, the Liberty Bell, and the Zoo, as well as sampling Philly restaurants. Horseback riding, skiing, canoeing, and exploring Philadelphia-area nature preserves are fun ways to interact with the natural environment, while regular faculty talks, workshops and educational opportunities better acquaint students with their academic environment.

Whether you are pre-medical student interested in health, society, and community outreach; the student scientist hoping to save the rain forest; the business major who wants to start up a company; or the student in the humanities examining the cultural and ethical impacts of greenhouse effect and climate change, the Biosphere program can offer a great living and learning experience unlike any other.

Goals: Biosphere sets out to provide participating students a greater appreciation for and understanding of their impact on the ecosystem and on one another, through their explorations of Penn, the greater Philadelphia area, and their own community interactions.


Dr. Krimo Bokreta, House Director

Program Members: 13