House Life

House Life

Casa Hispanica: Spanish House

Casa Hispanica is the Spanish Language component of the Modern Languages Program, based in Class of 1925. This program is staffed by resident Program Directors who are accomplished graduate students (and often native Spanish speakers) chosen to promote the goals of language immersion and cultural exposure. Each group meets 2-4 times a week for meals, chats, media screenings and excursions, consisting of everything from Spanish Pictionary to cooking instruction to opera and dance. This close-knit community has members from all four class years, with some veterans taking on a guiding role; many participants are interested in international business, law, or careers in diplomacy, and often plan to study abroad while at Penn. Both beginners and those with considerable Spanish fluency are welcome; dedicated residents often show great improvement in their speaking skills, and have the option of receiving course credit in Spanish.

Program Goals: The program aims to provide students with regular Spanish language practice and diverse cultural experiences.

Requirements: Students who choose to enroll in the for-credit option for Spanish can expect to participate in 2-3 events each week held entirely in Spanish. There is no required written component. Enrollment is a half credit per semester for a maximum of two semesters. Note: Upperclassmen living in Gregory are welcome to participate in Casa Hispanica activities but will not necessarily be assigned to the MLP living spaces.

Viraj Patel, Harnwell House Director

Program Members: 32