House Life

House Life

Creative Minds, Creative Souls: Music and Arts Community

This first-year community based in Riepe College House brings together students with interests in all the arts: music, theater, literature and the visual arts. Throughout the year we will visit some of Philadelphia's amazing art museums, attend musical performances (all varieties!), theater, and familiarize ourselves with the city's vibrant gallery scene. The faculty director will periodically host informal arts-related gatherings at his apartment—listening sessions, literary discussions, and student performances, etc. In addition, Riepe House as some of the best music practice spaces in the College House system (sound-insulated rooms, upright and baby grand pianos!), which will be easily available to community members. Writers, artists, musicians, and all fans of the arts will find a warm, welcoming and inspiring community in this eclectic artsy program!

During a given semester, we can anticipate some combination of the following:

  • First Friday art gallery visits in Old City
  • Visit to the Barnes Foundation art museum
  • Visit to the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
  • Jazz listening session at the Faculty director's apartment
  • Visit to the Philadelphia Athenaeum
  • Visit to the Kislak Center for special collections (rare books and manuscripts with the curators)
  • concert at the Philadelphia Orchestra
  • concert at the Philly Opera
  • a play at one of Philadelphia's major theaters (e.g. Wilma, Lantern, or Arden)
  • an evening of student performances in Riepe house
  • a concert at the Annenberg center

Dr. Ralph Rosen, Faculty Director, Riepe

Program Members: 28