House Life

House Life

Eco-House: Environmental Program Community

Residents of the Eco-House work together to reduce their environmental impact and to engage the campus and broader community on sustainability issues through personal choices, projects, and events. Students interested in living in the Eco House must complete a short application, including a personal statement outlining their interest in this unique living environment. The Eco-House would be well suited for students who are considering to major in environmental science, environmental studies, biology, geology, or other natural science related fields; however, no experience with sustainability is required; residents must merely have an interest in learning more about sustainability and sustainable living habits.  Residents will engage in a variety of exciting activities and workshops to enhance their sustainable living skills throughout the academic school year.

Purpose: demonstrate affordable sustainable living in order to inform, engage and inspire Penn’s fellow residents, visitors, and community members.

Events for the floor may include:

  • Eco House faculty dinner
  • Meet with professors within the Earth and Environmental Science Department as well as other STEM related fields in an informal setting to learn about classes, research, and what they think it takes to become a successful environmental leader or environmental professional
  • Service-learning field trips
  • Work with local environmental non-profit organizations to bring environmental change:
    • planting trees for ecological restoration
    • trips to Morris Arboretum (drawing workshops)
    • learning about local environmental policy
    • harvesting locally-grown vegetables at Bartram’s Garden
  • Tours of earth-friendly practices at Penn
    • tours of university's newest LEED-certified building
    • tree/ecology tour
    • King’s Court green roof visit
  • Recycled Art Showcase
  • Eco House Booth at Green Fest
  • Social activities: weekly study breaks, hiking, kayaking, making bird feeders, planting flowers, watching environmental documentaries, volunteering in the community garden, Eco DIYS (DIY’s out of recycled or natural, recyclable materials)

Viraj Patel, House Director

Program Members: 35