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House Life

Goldberg Media and Communications Program

The Wendy and Leonard Goldberg Media & Communications Program, nestled in the westernmost end of Fisher Hassenfeld College House in the Quad, is open to students in any major or academic field and provides ample space to live and work. The program is centered in Foerderer, McKean, Baldwin, Class of 1887, and Craig – known collectively as Goldberg House, with the nearby Goldberg Media Lounge serving as the principal public space. Named for film producer Leonard Goldberg and his wife, Wendy, the program draws members who share an interest not only in film, but for all forms of communications media, including broadcasting, publishing, journalism, digital media, marketing, and public relations, and political communication.

The Goldberg Media & Communications program is for students who have a broad academic interest in mass media and who are interested in applying communications theory and practice to benefit others.  Residents in this program work together to design a media campaign that they envision and execute with the goal of generating a positive impact in their residential community. The campaign may include creating videos, writing a newsletter, designing advertisements, developing a blog, and/or other media-related activities. The program also includes communications-themed social activities, like movie nights and attending events in the Philadelphia area.

Goals: This program aims to provide first-year students with an opportunity to further develop their creativity and leadership skills by learning about mass communications and using that knowledge to create a positive social impact.

Ebonish Lamar, House Director

Program Members: 43