House Life

House Life

Jewish Cultural Studies (a Student-Designed Community)

The JCS Program connects residents to academic programming, facilitates interfaith dialogue, and creates new opportunities for residents to learn more about Jewish culture while building both a floor and a house community.   

Past JCS events have included Shabbat celebrations and a challah making night. Residents regularly participate in prayer services as a community, and JCS has a strong relationship with Hillel.

JCS also offers students the chance to shape their Residential Program experience by taking on leadership roles and planning events for the floor and the House.

Program Objectives:

  • Gain an understanding of Jewish Culture in order to appreciate history and tradition

  • Encourage dialogue about Jewish Culture in order to consider different viewpoints

  • Create opportunities for members of the non-Jewish community to experience and learn about Jewish Culture

  • Study Jewish Culture in a way that supplements one’s curricular education at Penn

  • Develop relationships and network

  • Identify ways in which they can contributed to building a the Rodin community

Expectations and Participation:  Members of the JCS floor should expect to attend floor meetings, participate in the annual Rodin Showcase, and generally be active members of their floor and House communites.  

Hsiao-wen Cheng, Rodin College House Fellow

Program Members: 33