House Life

House Life

Kings Court English Upperclass Programs

Thinking of living in KCECH as an upperclass resident?  Great!  KCECH maintains a rich tradition of housing upperclass residents who serve as leaders and mentors for our freshmen community.  We greatly value the unique perspectives and contributions of our upperclass residents and we are dedicated to providing a fulfilling experience during their time here.

Residents are encouraged to assess their present leadership abilities, actively pursue personal leadership development and build meaningful relationships with other floor members through events, projects, dinners, workshops, and social activities.

All of our Theme Communities are open to upperclass residents. They include:

Expectations and Participation: 

Members of the KCECH Upperclass Programs should expect to attend floor meetings, participate in their respective program community, take initiative with in-house projects and programs, and generally be active members of their floor and House communities.

Dr. M. Krimo Bokreta, House Director

Program Members: 39