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Living Cultures Program Community

The Living Cultures program offers a fun environment for students interested in exploring the dynamic relationship between Philadelphia’s local communities and global cultural trends. It does so through activities that introduce its members to the variety of cultures that make up the Penn and Philadelphia communities. Members play a crucial role in shaping the direction of the program in collaboration with Faculty fellows and RAs. Living Cultures activities can include attending music concerts, museums, local fairs, and restaurants. They also include dynamic hall events such as home-cooked dinners, film screenings, and craft-making. Through these events members of the Living Cultures program develop increased awareness of what it means to be in Philadelphia and of the relationship Penn has to neighboring communities and the world beyond. Interest in leadership and interactive learning is of vital importance to this group and members are encouraged to share their experiences with each other and with other House residents. Living Cultures welcomes First-Generation, Low-Income students and minority students and provides opportunities to build community and establish a solid footing on campus. Living Cultures helps to make Riepe a space where students from all ethnicities, religions and nationalities come together and build community.

The program has a different theme each year. The theme for 2021-2022 is: Botanical Worlds. For 2021-2022, our program will focus on discovering Philadelphia by exploring its rich botanical history and what it can teach us about the culture and history of Philadelphia’s many communities and their connections to the natural world. In addition to visiting key botanical sites, such as Bartram’s Garden, The Woodlands Cemetery, and Fairmount Park, we will also plan events around the Baby Unicorn Garden (aka the BUG) and find creative ways to make use of its harvest of fresh herbs and vegetables.

Dr. Sebastián Gil-Riaño, Riepe College House Fellow

Program Members: 24