House Life

House Life

Scientific Adventures

This program for freshmen offers guidance to Fisher Hassenfeld residents interested in gaining experience in a biomedical research laboratory.  Activities include meetings, workshops, dinners, speakers, individual advising, and “field” trips to laboratories in Penn’s School of Medicine.  Under the direction of Dr. Paul Axelsen, College House Faculty Fellow and Professor of Pharmacology in the School of Medicine, participants will gain the skills needed to find, contact, and engage one of the many active research programs on campus. 

Program Goals: This program will provide students with a basic introduction to the many ways that biomedical research is conducted at Penn, and the opportunities available to undergraduates.

Requirements: Students interested in participating should be in the College of Arts and Sciences, and at least tentatively planning to major in a science.  They should also plan to remain on the Penn campus during the summer following their freshman year to begin their research experience.

Prof. Paul H. Axelsen MD, Fisher Hassenfeld College House Fellow

Program Members: 20