House Life

Leadership Residential Program

Residents are encouraged to assess their present leadership abilities, actively pursue personal leadership development and build meaningful relationships with other floor members through events, dinners, workshops, and social activities. Additionally, each year the LRP in Rodin will focus on a specific theme around leadership. The theme for 2018-2019 is "Leadership and Community Engagement".

Program Objectives:

  • Identify individual strengths and pursue leadership opportunities that will help to build upon and capitalize on those strengths.

  • Analyze and apply a variety of leadership theories to current projects and opportunities on campus.

  • Observe and learn from leaders in a variety of capacities.

  • Engage in social entrepreneurship and servant leadership.

  • Develop relationships and network.

  • Identify ways in which they contributed to building a floor and a House community.

Expectations and Participation: Members of the LRP floor should expect to attend floor meetings, participate in the annual Rodin Showcase, and generally be active members of their floor and House communites.

Karu Kozuma, Rodin College House Fellow

Program Members: 35