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Integrated Studies Program

Integrated Studies is one of Penn's most distinctive opportunities for incoming freshmen. It is a residentially-based, year-long, intensive liberal arts program, specifically for College students who have been admitted as Benjamin Franklin Scholars. Those College students accepted into BFS will live together in Riepe College House and take half their freshman-year courses in Integrated Studies. This program will invite some of Penn's most intellectually ambitious students to consider broad topics such as justice, time, human nature, identity, origins, and change from an array of perspectives: in the physical sciences, social sciences, and the humanities. These courses will be guided by Penn’s most respected professors, and will include weekly in-House office hours with the entire Integrated Studies community to discuss how it all fits into a broader liberal arts approach to the world. The goal of this program is to help broadly-curious intellectual risk-takers find each other and find the pleasures of discovery and wonder — the hallmarks of liberal arts learning.

Note: There are three requirements for membership in the Integrated Studies Program in Riepe.

  1. You must separately apply for the Benjamin Franklin Scholars / Integrated Studies academic program in The College and be accepted. See more information here.
  2. You must list the Integrated Studies program in Riepe as your first choice when you apply for housing. (You should also list your second and third housing preferences carefully in the event that you are not accepted into BFS.)  Visit housing application instructions here.  
  3. Students must have accepted their place in the incoming class in the College in Penn.

Students who have not completed all three parts of the application process will not be able to be considered for Integrated Studies. There will be no exceptions.

Prof. Peter Struck, BFS Director

Program Members: 74