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Event Accessibility and Accommodation Policy

The University of Pennsylvania seeks to ensure that students and guests with disabilities have appropriate access to events hosted in the College Houses, regardless of sponsor. College Houses are committed to this goal and are available to work with any program event sponsor or student.

College Houses, working with the Weingarten Learning Resource Center, employ a variety of ways to provide accessibility to House events. Some methods of accommodation include provision of technology, personal assistance, or, where programs or activities initially are scheduled in physically inaccessible locations, by relocation. When scheduling an event, please contact the specific College House Office to ensure that the space you are using will meet the needs of those needing accommodation.

Individuals seeking accommodations in order to participate in a College House event, or who have questions about the accessibility of a College House event, should contact the College House Office where the event is scheduled or the sponsor of the event. They are encouraged to provide as much advance notice as possible so that there is sufficient time to provide accommodation or to relocate an event.