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GA Application Checklist

Graduate Associate Application Checklist

Please be sure to complete all requirements for each position for which you are applying. Use the following checklist to assist you:


GA Personal and Academic Information

A carefully prepared "letter of application" that specifies your reason for seeking the position, your relevant knowledge, experience, skills, accomplishments and what you hope to contribute to the College House. If you stated preferences for individual Houses or programs you may want to address your skills and interest in a separate paragraph.

Applicants for residential program(s) in Gregory College House must list their native language and all other languages in which they are fluent.

Submit a current C.V. (curriculum vitae) or résumé which highlights experiences compatible with the GA position responsibilities.

Obtain a recommendation from your graduate group, program chairperson, professor from area of concentration, or Dean. Incoming students may submit these materials from a previous or current institution; recommendations used for admission to the University of Pennsylvania will not be accepted, however.

Obtain a professional reference from a faculty member, administrator, past employer, or another person who has supervised your academic, paid, or volunteer work. If you are currently a College Houses and Academic Services appointee, the professional reference must be from your current supervisor.

If the person you have asked to write a letter for you needs guidance concerning the letter of reference, please refer them to this page:

Applications will continue to be accepted and interviews will be conducted until all positions are filled.