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Graduate Associate Post-Application Process: Interviews, Notification, and Acceptance


The College House(s) that are interested in a candidate will contact the applicant. Depending upon the House's interviewing procedure, you may be asked to interview one or more times.

Potential topics for the individual interviews may include: questions about your application, your experience in a residential setting, your academic work, the various aspects of a residential program position and the university community.

Once application review begins in February, only applicants of interest will be contacted. The GA selection process continues until all positions are filled.


For candidates who are interviewed, notification of your status will be given within approximately a month of their interview date. Depending upon the number of positions that a candidate has applied for, they may receive one or more letters of notification.


Written acceptance of an offer of appointment must be made within three (3) working days.

Candidates who have accepted an offer of appointment by signing a "Position Description and Contract" may not accept an offer from another House without the approval of the House Dean for the position originally accepted.

Appointments do not become valid until College Houses and Academic Services has confirmed that the candidate meets all requirements. This includes permission from the student's graduate department to take on this role. Candidates must return the Graduate Academic Advisor Approval Form with the signature of their Graduate Chair or Faculty Advisor to the House Dean who has offered them an appointment.

Graduate Academic Advisor Approval Form PDF