Outdoor Space Reservation Request

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NOTE:  Effective November 19, 2018, the 40th Street Field is no longer a reservable outdoor space due building construction.

NOTE: Completing this form does not create a reservation for, nor does it constitute College Houses and Academic Services approval or confirmation of requested outdoor space(s). This form shall not constitute a binding agreement for the use of College Houses and Academic Services outdoor space(s) until:

  1. All relevant portions of this form have been completed
  2. You have received a confirming email from an authorized representative of the CHAS Space Reservation Committee and all required financial information has been received by the CHAS Space Reservation Committee.

This form must be submitted at least one working week prior to the event. Requests received after this deadline may be rejected without further consideration. If details of the event are altered by the organization at any time, the University has the right to reassign space or to cancel the original reservation. Priority scheduling of spaces will be given to College Houses events. Further, the Organization's use of the requested space(s) will be subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The space(s) will only be used for nonprofit, charitable purposes.
  2. The reservation of space is limited to University departments, recognized Student Organizations and Outside Organizations affiliated with the University.
  3. Alcohol is not permitted.
  4. Organization agrees that it will be held financially responsible for all damages or harm to the space(s) resulting from the Organization's use thereof.
  5. Organization must comply with all applicable University policies, procedures, rules, and regulations including, but not limited to, the University policies regarding Use of Alcohol and Drugs , Non-Discrimination , Campus-Wide Open Space Policy & Procedure , Use of Facilities , Open Expression Guidelines , and Code of Student Conduct .
  6. Requests will not be approved during certain dates and times frames for example,  Move-In period, Move-Out period, New Student Orientation, Reading Days, Final Exams, Spring Fling, Hey Day, Commencement, etc. (with the exception of University Departments).Requests will not be approved for more than a two day period for any organization.
  7. Only one request for outdoor space per organization or group will be approved within a two-week period.
  8. Regardless of your reservation timeframe, please note that any type of amplified sound can only be played: Sunday through Thursday from 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.; Friday and Saturday from 2:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.