COVID Community Expectations

Note: these expectations reflect our currrent understanding of what the College Houses community will need from one another.  These expectations may change as the situation develops.

Students living in the College House system and Sansom Place are expected to read, understand, acknowledge, and agree to the guidelines in the University of Pennsylvania Student Campus Compact 2020-2021.

In order to keep the community of students, staff, and faculty who reside in the College Houses as safe as possible, it is essential that we work together to adhere to the community expectations outlined below. We should strive to create the safest and healthiest environments as possible.
We encourage community members to think about how they will hold themselves and others accountable in regard to these additional expectations for our College House communities. 
  • Students are responsible for learning and understanding the policies in the Residential Handbook.
  • Students will follow all directives for physical distancing in the College Houses such as passenger limits in elevators and lines at entry portals. Suitemates should follow the appropriate physical distancing guidelines in their suite’s communal spaces. (College House faculty and House Directors may hold small in-person events that observe the physical distancing guidelines and other COVID-19-related safety protocols adopted by the University.)
  • Students cannot have guests and visitors, including family members, in their campus residence (exceptions may be granted for move-in and move-out periods). Guests are defined as individuals who are not currently enrolled as University of Pennsylvania students. Visitors are defined as currently enrolled University of Pennsylvania students who are not assigned to the room, suite, or apartment that they are visiting.
  • Students will not have access to most communal spaces if there is no ability to maintain the appropriate (6-feet) physical distance. This list includes floor lounges, music practice rooms, gyms, movie screening rooms, as well as all community kitchens.
  • Students will have limited or adjusted access to spaces that are essential to life in the College House, such as public restrooms, laundry rooms, computer labs, and lounges that are unable to be locked. Some seminar rooms, large multipurpose spaces, and interior courtyards may remain open in designated College Houses for residents only.
  • Students may study together with other residents of the same building in approved public spaces and if they follow physical distancing guidelines. Some technology spaces and group study rooms may be available for academic pursuits.
  • Students must wear a face mask or facial covering in any areas outside of their room or apartment (i.e., any public areas, including hallways, laundry rooms, dining cafés, interior courtyards, and public spaces in other campus buildings). It is okay to remove the mask for eating but students must continue to adhere to all other guidelines.  
  • Students will practice good hygiene, including thorough and frequent hand washing and the use of hand sanitizer.
  • Students should only use the bathroom assigned to them and should not provide access to anyone else. 
  • Students are expected to follow the guidance for social gatherings when outside the College Houses.
  • Students will use Penn Open Pass daily and will need a day pass to enter any Penn buildings, including their College House.
  • If requested by a Resident Advisor, Graduate Associate, College House Director, or other College House staff, students will participate in a visual wellness check, either in person or through video conference.
  • Students should understand and acknowledge that these expectations may change as the response to COVID-19 evolves throughout the city, state, and country. 
We encourage students living in the College Houses to hold each other and themselves accountable for these expectations. That means building good communication and engaging respectfully with each other.
If at any time you need help interpreting or understanding any of the College House Community Expectations please reach out to a College House staff member for assistance. 
Read the Student Campus Contact here: Penn Campus Student Compact
Visit the FAQs for the Student Campus Contact here: FAQ

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