Conduct Process Flowchart: Full Text Description

Level 1: Behavior is Documented [leads to Level 2 outcome]

Level 2: House Dean reviews Report [leads to two Level 3 outcomes]

Level 3: 

  • OUTCOME 3A: I get a follow-up email [process ends.]
  • OUTCOME 3B: I meet with the House Dean [leads to three Level 4 outcomes]

Level 4:

  • OUTCOME 4A: I am not responsible for violating policy [process ends]
  • OUTCOME 4B: I am responsible for violating policy [leads to three Level 5 outcomes]
  • OUTCOME 4C: Based on severity, I am referred to the Office of Student Conduct [House process ends, OSC process begins]

Level 5:

  • OUTCOME 5A: I am assigned educational sanctions and/or other outcomes [process ends]
  • OUTCOME 5B: I am assigned a warning or probation status [process ends]