Transfer Students in the College Houses

New Quakers — WELCOME HOME!  You made it here!

As you know, it's time to start thinking about where you want to live when you come to Penn. You have three great options: Transfer Communities, Four-Year Houses and High Rise Houses.

Transfer Communities

If you're transferring to Penn from another university, you may find that you need different kinds of support than other incoming students. The College Houses are here to help! Transfer students will find communities that share the transfer experience in both Gregory College House and Stouffer College House.  You can indicate an interest in either (or both) of these transfer communities when applying for on-campus housing.

To visit the Gregory
transfer site, click here.
To visit the Stouffer
transfer site, click here.
Gregory College House

Four-Year Houses

Another option for transferring students is one of Penn's Four-Year Houses, which have a mix of fourth-, third-, second- and first-years living in them. This breadth of residents gives these communities a flavor all their own.  Many transfers who choose to live in these Houses love it so much they decide to stay for the rest of their undergraduate career.  

The Four-Year Houses include:

High Rises

Penn's High Rise College Houses are exclusively occupied by upperclass students and feature apartment-style living.

The High Rises include:

More stuff to think about

If you haven't ever had to share a living space with anyone else, or even if you have, you might want to check out our tips for navigating the roommate relationship.  

If you're having trouble falling asleep, you can review the handy rundown of Housing policies in the Residential Handbook.  (Seriously, though, it's good stuff to know before you get here!)

Your House Director, Faculty Director, and your RA/GA really are eager to make your acquaintance as you dive in to the Penn experience.  The links to the left can help you explore the many possibilities you'll find available to you once you're on campus and in your House. Your College House can become the hub that supports your academic and social life, and we can't wait to help you get started.

Welcome Home! XOXO, Your College House