College Houses Resource Guide


Dear Quaker Parents and Families,

College House Resource Guide 2018-19
Thank you for sending us our newest Housemate!  XOXO, Your Quaker's College House

While we’re busy welcoming your new Penn student to their College House, we wanted to take the opportunity to welcome you as well!

We know that the College House your student has been assigned to is probably their first home away from home, so we want you to get to know us and the ways we’re going to help them adjust to life at Penn. We take great pride in the community that lives in your student’s House, and we hope your student will find their on-campus home as welcoming and exciting as generations of Penn students have before them.

In addition to the Hub@Penn service hosted by the Provost's Office, we’ve compiled a Resource Guide for our new students. You can peruse it as well, to get to know the resources available to your student in case they ask your advice while they get used to life on campus.

Click to download a PDF of the
CHAS Resource Guide 2020-21.

***This PDF is updated annually in August. Note also that this edition of the Resource Guide reflects the College House populations and resident distribution under normal circumstances and that House populations will vary in fall 2020 due to restrictions designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  Likewise, the rent schedule featured within does not account for the shortened fall semester and the attendant rent proration that will be handled by Housing and Residential Services