Locust Walk as seen through a Penn's Arms-shaped hole in a sign

President Gutmann Announces the Second Year Experience

President Amy Gutmann and Provost Wendell Pritchett announced yesterday the creation and implementation of a Second Year Experience program, wherein the University will offer expanded programming and events designed specifically for sophomore students, both across campus and in the College Houses.  Beginning with the Class of 2024, the program will also house all second-year students within the College House system, making the Houses a two-year foundational cornerstone of the Penn experience. Click here for more.

New College House Faculty Director, Prof. Cam Grey, with President Amy Gutmann at the New College House opening ceremony

Our doors are open to Faculty

Faculty play a major role in our mission. Within our House communities, they encourage intellectual inquiry, and promote spirited discussions and interactions. Penn Current recently interviewed the Faculty Director of New College House, Prof. Cam Grey, about his experiences in nearly a decade of living as a faculty mentor in the College Houses. For more information about becoming a part of the College Houses as a faculty member, click here, or to read about another of our Fellow's experiences, click here.