Three House Fellows Receive Awards

Congratulations to Dr. Jennifer Ponce de León, Lauder House Fellow, on her Dean's Award for Distinguished Teaching in the School of Arts and Sciences! [Almanac]

Two other House Fellows have received awards from the 2020 Sachs Program for Arts Innovation:

  • Ivanco Talevski, Harnwell House Fellow, for his project Back and Forth: The Distance in Between;
  • Dr. Carol Muller, Ware House Fellow, for her seminar "Arts and Well-Being"

Congratulations to all three College House Fellows!


Prof. Adriana Perez, Harnwell College House Fellow

Latino/a Healthcare during COVID-19

Congratulations to Dr. Adriana Perez, Harnwell House Fellow, on her recent Outstanding Nurse Educator Award from the School of Nursing Graduate Student Organization! Colleagues and students alike say she is a stellar educator, and the College Houses and Harnwell House are lucky to have her as a member of our excellent faculty in residence. Dr. Perez conducts research in Philadelphia's Latino/a communities, and Penn News recently covered how COVID-19 is impacting Latino elders, what disparities exist in the health care available to them, and how the diversity of Philadelphia's health care workforce is helping to improve the care they receive. Read more at Penn News.

Dr. Robin Stevens, Du Bois House Fellow

Fellows Research Teenage Substance Abuse 

College House residents live side-by-side with Penn Faculty.  For example, in Du Bois College House, Professor Robin Stevens (left) from the School of Nursing serves as a House Fellow. Penn News has published an article about her work on ways social media can influence teenage substance abuse, work co-authored by Lauder College House fellow Prof. Bridgette Brawner (not pictured).  Read more here.