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Mitchell Holston and Cam Grey with two students in front of a Dunkin Donuts truck

House Directors create community

Each College House is helmed by a CHAS House Director whose role in the House is dynamic, active and constantly presenting new opportunities and challenges. PennToday's Kristina Garcia talked to three: Kathryn McDonald from Gutmann, Eric Cottrell from Harrison, and Mitchell Holston from Lauder, along with Faculty Director Deven Patel, about what makes the College Houses the place to be. Read more at PennToday.

Fayyaz Vellani, College House Fellow, Hill College House

Hill Fellow brings together transfers in Rodin

Fayyaz Vellani, a College House Fellow in Hill, is teaching a critical writing seminar in Rodin this semester. Why in Rodin? Because Hill is a first-year House, and this seminar is for sophomores—and not just any sophomores, but specifically for those who have transferred into Penn from other institutions. Helping transfer students build community is a goal of the College Houses; for more about this seminar, the Daily Pennsylvanian has you covered.

Prof. Mona Merlilng

Fisher Hassenfeld Faculty Director cuts through the math

Prof. Mona Merling, the interim Faculty Director at Fisher Hassenfeld and a member of Penn's Mathematics faculty, co-wrote an illustrated article with Maxine Calle, a Ph.D. candidate in that department, about how an ancient geometry technique is still being used to make new discoveries in advanced math. Brush up on your polygons here.

Meta Mazaj (l) and Nicola Gentili (r) at Cannes

Harrison Fellow makes cinema studies shine at Cannes

Nicola Gentili, the Associate Director of Cinema & Media Studies at Penn and one of Harrison College House's College House Fellows, leads the Penn at Cannes program, taking Penn cinema students to the renowned film festival in France each year. PennToday covers this year's festival journey and Nicola's work bringing cinema alive for Penn students. Read more here.