A statue of Nelson Mandela

Encountering South Africa with Ware House Fellow 

Ware College House Fellow Prof. Carol Muller led 16 undergraduates including Ware RA Jamie Gobreski on a journey to South Africa to learn about the history and present of the post-apartheid nation's people.  Penn Today brings us the story.  

Prof. Ralph Rosen

Meet Riepe's Faculty Director

Omnia, the College of Arts & Sciences' magazine, recently did a video interview with the Faculty Director of Riepe College House, Prof. Ralph Rosen.  He talks about his background, his academic pursuits, and how he brings his enthusiasm home to Riepe and its residents.  Watch the video here.

Dr. Jamuna Samuel, Rodin College House Fellow

Rodin House Fellow blends academics with music

Penn Today brings us an article about Music 236, a class led by Rodin College House Fellow Dr. Jamuna Samuel, which focuses on the work of one composer and brings in guest artists to collaborate with and coach music students on all aspects of performance, creating what Dr. Samuel calls "a dynamic exchange in which we are all learning really every minute."  Click here to read more.

Dr. Byron Sherwood, Gregory College House Fellow

Gregory House Fellow flexes his mussels

Penn Today reports on Gregory College House Fellow and microbial ecologist Dr. Byron Sherwood's "Field Studies in Aquatic Microbial Ecology" class and the work the class is doing to evaluate the water-cleaning power of freshwater mussels in the Schuykill River.  "The whole structure of the class taught me a lot about how science works in the real world," reports student JaHyun Yang.  Click here for more.

Adriana Perez, PhD, ANP-BC, FAAN, Assistant Professor of Nursing

Harnwell House Fellow helps cultivate health

President's Engagement Prize winners José Maciel and Antonio Renteria​, along with Harnwell College House Fellow Adriana Perez, Assistant Professor in the School of Nursing, are making a difference in the lives of migrant workers in nearby Kennett Square, the heartland of mushroom farming in the United States.  With a focus on continuing care that doesn't interfere with the farmers' ability to maximize their income, the Cultivando Juntos program these students are spearheading is finding ways to increase health and longevity for these laborers. “These are the kinds of efforts that can help farmworkers in America live longer, healthy lives,” says Professor Perez.  Click here for more.