The College House at the Radian

Due to major renovations in the Quadrangle over the next three years, Penn has chosen to lease The Radian to ensure that we have enough rooms to meet the needs of our students. For the span of these three academic years, the College House at the Radian will provide both a place to live and a spirited community for upperclass students. With 14 floors and a variety of apartment-style room types, the College House at the Radian will be a community of sophomores, juniors, and seniors who enjoy the privacy apartment-style living affords but also appreciate the camaraderie, engagement and fun that comes from living in a College House. The resident Faculty Director, House Faculty Fellows, House Director, and Resident Advisors are dedicated individuals interested in providing personal and professional developmental opportunities for upperclass students. Located on Walnut Street between 39th and 40th Streets, the College House at the Radian will offer easy access to classes, shopping, dining and entertainment; the House also offers in-unit laundry facilities and a 24-hour fitness center.

For more information about the College House at the Radian, visit Residential Services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get into the Radian?
Just as with any College House, you will need to apply during the on-campus application process. See this link for more information. The Radian will be an upperclass-only residence, so only second- through fourth-year undergraduates will be eligible to select the College House at the Radian as an option.
I would like to be an RA at the Radian.
We'd love to consider your application for our RA team at Penn. In order to ensure that we have a team of Resident Advisors who can meet the challenges a new community presents, the RA team at the Radian will be composed of RAs returning for another year of service after completing at least one year in one of the other College Houses, who have demonstrated skill in serving as an RA for upperclass residents.

For other questions regarding upperclass room selection or specifics about the College House at the Radian, please visit our partners at Residential Services.