Harnwell College House

3820 Locust Walk, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6134
House Office: 215.573.3497  •  Hours: Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM
http://harnwell.house.upenn.edu • harnwell@collegehouses.upenn.edu


 "Live well at Harnwell"

Named after Gaylord Probasco Harnwell, Penn’s president from 1953-70, our high-rise College House cultivates friendly, open communities in which cultural and intellectual exchange is balanced by civility and mutual respect. Enriched by the Cultures Collective and the Ancient Studies, Arts House, and Eco-House Program Communities, we feature a wealth of artistic and inviting endeavors and a House calendar filled with engaging activities. In keeping with our namesake, who was dedicated to academic and civic responsibility to Penn and beyond, Harnwellians are united in our individual and joint pursuits of self-reflection and growth, which drives us to represent what living well really means.

Harnwell Rooftop LoungeOur Rooftop Lounge (RTL) is a premier space on campus where we host our House traditions, such as weekly Probasco Family Dinners, as well as our annual Sapphire Ball and Casino Night. The RTL is also home to resident-led programming, such as yoga, fitness bootcamps, and study breaks. On our mezzanine, you will find the Café du Soleil, where residents can grab a cup of coffee and chat with friends in one of our varied common spaces. The Library and Computer Lab, both located on the first floor, offer the options of cozy study nooks with quick access to computers and our student technology staff. A versatile basement called the “Dungeon” serves as a small gallery and recreation room, while also housing two practice rooms – one of which boasts a recently reconditioned Steinway piano. You can find eight more pianos throughout the House, along with a dance gallery and an acapella practice room.  At Harnwell, you are encouraged to engage in community spaces, utilize the amenities to develop personal interests, and connect back to your House-mates.

Harnwell LoungeHarnwellians enjoy a comfortable residence with only 12 apartments on each floor, which fosters privacy and independence while also connecting as a united community. The hall’s lounge provides a space for residents to mingle and study, with the floor-to-ceiling windows evoking the cosmopolitan essence of high-rise living. Collaborative programming between RAs and residents creates experiences that can only happen as residents of our House: touring the Irvine Auditorium organ, dining with the Consul of Mexico, competing in a House scavenger hunt, and civically engaging with local organizations. In Harnwell, you’ll have the best of both worlds: a place to connect to your academics and your social life; a place to make your own.

Beyond the building, our home is defined by its people. Intelligence, integrity, and initiative are the hallmarks of not only our residents, but also RAs and Managers. Their dedication and kindness set the tone for our caring community. Residents are provided the opportunity for leadership roles as part of Harnwell’s Royal Council, which acts in accord with caring for our community by implementing House-wide events. Our Intramural team, the Harnwell Bowties, exemplifies House spirit – Bowties have more fun! With a dynamic Senior Staff at the helm, unique opportunities to interact with residents abound – such as providing research guidance, extending invitations to dine in faculty apartments, and surprising residents with pop-up events (Polaroid pictures, anyone?). The House provides a nurturing environment to help our residents to excel to great things, such as a 2015 President’s Engagement Award recipient and a 2016 Rhodes Scholar.

What does it mean to live well at Harnwell? It means becoming part of a House that’s a home, where you can grow and contribute holistically as you pursue your intellectual endeavors at Penn. Live well. Live well at Harnwell.