About New College House


Lauder College House

3335 Woodland Walk, Philadelphia, PA 19104
House Office: 215.898.3350   •  Hours: Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM

http://lauder.house.upenn.edu • lauder@collegehouses.upenn.edu


If you could write a page in Penn’s history, what would you include? What story would you tell? What would be your purpose? Perhaps to inspire with a story of action and service, or to educate with tales of scholarly research… As a resident of Lauder College House, you get to answer these questions and more.

Students move in to New College House.Your new year in LCH begins even before you arrive on campus, when you receive electronic greetings from the faculty, staff, and student leaders of LCH. You soon realize how many resources are available to you as you prepare for Move-In: Meliora Ambassadors, upperclassmen who help to welcome and support freshmen in a peer-mentor role, RAs, who help connect students throughout the house, and the faculty members and house office staff who help you navigate life at Penn. You may even be learning about your new neighbors in 2XP, our first-ever Program Community specifically for sophomores!

Finally, on Move-In Day, you enter your spacious suite. You decide how to set up your single room and are eager to meet your suitemates—each in their own rooms. You meet up in your suite’s common room, and someone has a great idea for where to place the couch. Another suitemate shares your interest in world politics, and you definitely want to learn more about their recent travels abroad. In Lauder College House, you’ll have a balance of personal space and community living in your “home away from home.”

Venturing out of the comforts of your suite, you soon discover plenty of spaces to hang out with friends or study. Your RA greets you in the hall and reminds you about a floor meeting later that day. At the floor meeting, you meet the rest of your neighbors. You might be nervous at first, but soon realize that you have a lot in common with some students and can learn something new from others. Your RA is excited about all of the ways students can get involved in LCH. One of the sophomores, a Meliora Ambassador, mentions a cooking demonstration they planned for the first-year students, and a junior talks about how much they’re looking forward to the first floor brunch of the year. You’re looking forward to joining House Council, especially because it’s a chance to put your leadership experience to use.

After a full day of meeting new people and making your new home, it’s time for a dinner break. You look for a place to sit and Faculty Director Cam Grey invites you to join him and his family. As you sit with Cam, his wife Ann and their children, you not only learn about Cam’s expertise in Roman history and some of the newest undergraduate research projects, but are invited to an energetic game of tag by their daughter! You get the feeling that this is the first of many conversations both thoughtful and entertaining. Cam tells you about some upcoming house events, like a house-wide cook-out, architecture tour of Old City and dessert theater featuring cultural  performances, and you know you’re about to be a part of some cool opportunities in your new home.

While hanging out with some friends in the House living room, an RA from another floor stops in to chat. She was returning from orchestra rehearsal, which gets the group talking about their different musical talents. You suggest getting a group together to jam in the practice room. You ask the RA about hosting a coffeehouse event for student performers and she thinks it’s a great idea. You set up a time to meet next week to start planning.

By the end of the year, you’re proud your idea evolved into a full-fledged performance series. That’s not your only contribution to the Lauder College House story: the Gala that you helped plan with House Council was a highlight of Fall. You even brought what you’ve learned about leadership to the House service initiative, helping to mentor local middle school students. You’re glad you went to those House workshops on time management, study skills and healthy living—the insight helped you stay on track personally and academically.

You’re looking forward to the summer months to work on a research project you recently started and to Fall semester when you will return to Lauder College House. Empowered and motivated, you are full of ideas for the next, new chapter in the story of your new home at Penn.