About CHAS


Fisher Hassenfeld College House

3700 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6025
House Office: 215.573.4295  •  Hours: Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM
http://fh.house.upenn.edu • fh@collegehouses.upenn.edu


"Be prepared to participate!"

Head down any of the historic hallways in Fisher Hassenfeld and you are bound to run into a lively group headed to the lounge for snacks and a movie, a faculty resident, or students on their way over to say ‘hi!’ Around here, we are known for our care and concern for one another, our ties to the surrounding Philadelphia community, and our shared interest in leaving the world better than we found it. 

Fisher Hassenfeld is home, where you will make lifelong friends and learn new things about yourself and others. What makes FH so special are the diverse and energetic people who choose to live here and participate as curious and respectful community members. Residents can feel at home by throwing a Frisbee or kicking a soccer ball around in the upper Quad, or stopping by their RA's room to seek advice or eat a late-night snack. Our residents also love finding new ways to unwind with their new friends in the community. Enjoy our in-house music rooms, where you could compose an original piece. 

Your Journey Starts At Home! In Fisher, we explore famous, hidden aspects of Philadelphia together, and we encourage you to push yourself out of your comfort zone. We truly believe in becoming active global citizens, while also making positive contributions to the community around us. Be sure to take advantage of our many excursions which center upon experiencing the cultural, historical, and recreational riches of Philadelphia. 

S'Mores at Fisher HassenfeldIn our House, faculty and staff share experiences with students, integrating social, academic and intellectual aspects into everyday life. We promote engagement in social responsibility, public affairs and public culture. Residential programs integrate living and learning through life sciences, media and communication, religious and philosophical traditions, music, and politics. We mix film, discussion with world-renowned experts, and field trips throughout the Philadelphia region, supplemented by trips to local cities like New York and Washington DC. Fisher Hassenfeld faculty and staff are always ready to discuss whatever interests you in order to facilitate your personal, academic and career interests. Whether in one-to-one meetings, over informal group dinners or Sunday pancake brunch in faculty apartments, we are proud of the many unique opportunities we so actively foster. 

You will come to experience many aspects of life at Penn, but residents of the Fisher Hassenfeld community always look forward to coming home after a busy day of classes and campus activities where we blend fun, learning and conversation in a relaxed, inclusive community. Whether it’s outdoor movies, weekend brunches, Affinity spaces, bonfires with smores ‘n more, seasonal BBQs, math or biology tutoring, or writing help from our faculty-in-residence “Paper Doctor,” Fisher Hassenfeld blends fun, learning and conversation in a relaxed and friendly community. Join us in Fisher Hassenfeld, where we help to develop the talents and interests of our students!