Riepe College House

310 South 36th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6023
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 "Good food, good company"

Veritas et Honestas, which translates as "Truth and Honor," is the official Riepe House motto; however, "good food, good company" is how Faculty Director Dean Dennis DeTurck likes to portray the vibe at Riepe College House, and the phrase has since become its unofficial motto. At Riepe, a community of 487 residents, social and intellectual pursuits are skillfully integrated into everyday life and its faculty-in-residence frequently mingle with residents in true Ivy League spirit. 

In fact, Riepe faculty and staff pride themselves on their welcoming spirit. Prof. DeTurck offers informal math tutoring, fresh-baked cookies and piano performances in his apartment. Prof. Ralph Rosen and his wife Ellen host Sunday Espresso hours, featuring home-roasted coffee, espresso and cappuccino. Prof. Betsy Rymes offers pancake breakfasts on the weekends and also coordinates the highly successful Mentors Program, whose members have stocked school libraries and boosted both academic proficiency and self-esteem through weekly one-on-one tutoring sessions with local grade school students. Dr. Marilynne Diggs-Thompson, House Dean and Anthropology lecturer, and her staff are famous for hosting weekly comfort food study breaks, picnics and seasonal theme dinners. 

Potluck at Riepe

Riepe residents also participate in many off-campus events. Riepe-ites see Broadway plays at the Academy of Music, listen to the world-renowned Philadelphia Orchestra at the Kimmel Center and visit the Opera Company of Philadelphia. They explore great art museums such as the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Rodin Museum and the Barnes Foundation, world renowned for its stunning and unique Post-Impressionist collection. Frequent trips take Riepe residents into the historic neighborhoods of South Philly and Old City, to Penn’s Morris Arboretum near the charming “village” of Chestnut Hill, as well as to restaurants specializing in the ethnic cuisines of the city’s many colorful and culturally-rich neighborhoods. Residents also enjoy attending 76ers basketball games and Phillies baseball games at South Philly’s wonderful modern Sports Complex. Local shopping trips to the famous King of Prussia Mall and Atlantic City Outlets, ski trips to the Poconos and outings to nearby New York City and Washington DC are often on the House activities calendar. 

However, for many Riepe-ites it is simply their life at “home” that makes their first year experience so warm and so much fun. There are House social events such as midnight brunches during Reading Days and final exams, "Dinners for Ten" featuring special guests, foosball and pool tournaments, and long-standing house-wide traditions such as the late summer Baby Quad picnic, the International and Octoberfest Dinners and the Holiday Foods Fest—along with yummy study breaks and a myriad of other "pop-up" events. Whether it is achieved through casual exchanges, at-home get-togethers or organized study groups, Riepe has a social ease that helps residents bond and thrive.

Riepe Residents