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Residential Poster Policy


This policy covers posting within the College Houses. Posting elsewhere in the University is covered by the University Poster Policy. Leafleting and soliciting are prohibited within residences (except the Quad in certain cases; see Quad Flyer Distribution Policy.) In all cases, this policy will be implemented within the framework and spirit of the Code of Student Conduct, which defines the general rights and responsibilities of student citizenship in the Penn community, and where appropriate, the Charter of the University of Pennsylvania Student Disciplinary System, which sets forth the processes for disciplinary action against students. Pursuant to the Code of Student Conduct (Sec. III.d), "the content of student speech or expression is not by itself a basis for disciplinary action," and no posters shall be prohibited or restricted solely on the basis of their content, except when they may violate other applicable laws or regulations.


Posting within a College House is permitted only in places designated by that College House (see below for individual House policies.) Places that may be designated by a College House include, but are not limited to, bulletin boards, kiosks, specific wall areas. Persons posting posters are responsible for knowing what areas are designated for posting. Certain areas may be reserved for postings by residential staff. Persons other than residential staff may not post in these areas. In no case will posting be permitted on surfaces that will be damaged by posting or in manners that create hazards. This includes, but is not limited to, fire doors, fire extinguisher cabinets, and undesignated walls.


Posting within the College Houses is intended as a means of intrahouse communication, primarily from staff to residents and among residents. At the discretion of the office of College Houses and Academic Services or of the specific College House in which a designated posting area is located, posters may be posted by other persons. All posters must clearly state the name of a recognized campus organization or program and must be approved prior to posting either by the office of College Houses and Academic Services or by the Faculty Master or House Dean of the specific College House. Persons seeking approval of a poster must provide an actual example of the poster, accurate in size and color, to the office of College Houses and Academic Services or to the Faculty Master or House Dean from whom approval is sought.


Unless specifically permitted, posters may be posted for no longer than two weeks. New postings may not cover any portion of an already posted poster that is less than two weeks old. Unless specifically permitted, no more than two copies of a poster may be posted in the same designated posting area.

Removal and Sanctions

Unauthorized posters and posters posted outside of a designated posting area may, at the discretion of residential staff, be removed. Repeated violation of this policy may be referred to the appropriate office for disciplinary action.



W.E.B. Du Bois College House

Du Bois’ poster policy follows the above Office of College Houses and Academic Services Poster Policy.

In addition, no posting is permitted on the floors. Only the bulletin boards in the Lobby and outside of the House Dean’s office are available for posting.

Fisher Hassenfeld College House

Any university related club or activity may post flyers on the bulletin boards inside each entry way. The rules for posting are posted on each bulletin board. No individual ads or local businesses may post anywhere in the house. 

No posting may be done on floors; these are the purview of the RA/GA staff and any postings for floors must be given to the House Dean.

FH allows flyering in some cases; for details see Quad Flyer Distribution Policy.


Gregory College House

In each of Gregory's 2 buildings - Van Pelt Manor and Class of 1925 - there is a bulletin board just inside the entryway. That is the ONLY place posters are allowed.


Hill College House

Hill College House strictly follows the University of Pennsylvania’s Residential Poster Policy.

Postings unrelated to house or suite activities may only be hung on the bulletin boards located at the entrance to the stairwells. However, this does not include the bulletin board at the entrance to Hill which is reserved for Hill staff only.

Any postings on doors or walls may be removed and Hill, under the University’s Residential Poster Policy, has the right to report violations of this policy to the appropriate office for disciplinary action.


Harnwell College House

The following poster rules apply according to the spaces listed below. 

 • Lobby. No postings are allowed on the lobby bulletin boards from groups other than Harnwell College House, College Houses and Academic Services, Residential and Hospitality Services or Facilities.  Staples are expressly forbidden from use on the lobby and upper lobby bulletin boards but tape and thumbtacks are acceptable.

 • Mezzanine. The area outside the House Office is reserved for announcements and postings from Harnwell College House as well as College Houses and Academic Services.  All items must be approved by the Harnwell Senior Staff prior to posting.  Course postings may be placed on the mezzanine bulletin boards adjacent to the cafe and across from the upper lobby elevator.  Posters may not be placed on the columns, the walls or any other location on the Mezzanine.  Staples are expressly forbidden from use on the lobby and upper lobby bulletin boards but tape and thumbtacks are acceptable.

 • Floors 1 through RTL. Groups may post with impunity no more than two posters per floor on the east side of the elevator bays, on floors 1-RTL.  Posters should not exceed the size of 11 x 17 inches and may not be placed on top of existing posters.  On the RTL level and on the 1st floor staples are forbidden but tape and thumbtacks may be used to post.

 • Doors leading to stairwells, stairwells, elevators.  Groups may not place posters on doors leading to stairwells, within stairwells, or inside elevators. Groups violating this rule are especially subject to fines.

 • Building Designation and events held in the house.  Publicity for events held in large common spaces of the Harnwell (e.g., RTL, Dungeon, Upper Lobby) are permitted provided the proper room reservation has been approved. If an organization is holding an event at 3820 Locust Walk, the group may only poster if the location of the College House is properly labeled as Harnwell College House. The anachronistic abbreviation “HRE” may be used in parenthesis along with the college house designation but not as a substitute for the location.

 Please Note:

• Harnwell firmly defends the right of free speech and expression on campus and actively promotes the civil exchange of ideas.  In the spirit of the latter aim, students are urged to reconsider creating and distributing posters or flyers containing material or language that could be construed as malicious toward or dangerous to other responsible members of the University community.  Students should further realize that public display of conceivably offensive or inflammatory material may unnecessarily provoke hostility from parties with whom better communication might be desired. (Put another way: please think twice before posting material that might actually hurt someone.)

• Any postings or flyers, including but not limited to quarter sheets of standard-sized paper (8.5 x 11 inches) or postcards may not be placed under the doors of residents.  Offending groups will be fined heavily for disregard of this policy.


Harrison College House

The bulletin board near the mail room may be used for posters for Penn events. Only one poster, per event is permitted.

Poster may be placed on residential floors 1-24 and will remain there at the discretion of the presiding staff member.

If a group would like to place a poster on the bulletin board in the lower lobby near the front entrance, it must be submitted to the Harrison College House Staff Office (Room 33) for approval.


Kings Court English College House (KCECH)

KCECH follows the Office of College Houses and Academic Services Poster Policy with the following additions:

The 5 following area in the common spaces are open to University Community for posting:

      1. The bulletin board in the bike room on the ground floor of English House.
      2. The bulletin board facing Oasis and next to the elevator door on the ground floor of English House.
      3. The bulletin board facing the mail boxes on the first floor of English House.
      4. The bulletin board facing the South elevator on the ground floor of Kings Court
      5. The bulletin board facing the North elevator on the ground floor of Kings Court.

 For all other areas flyers should be left for the house office to approve and eventually post them.


Riepe College House


Outdoor posting on trees or on any part of the outer or inner entrance doors to the buildings is prohibited. There is one public bulletin board beneath the covered archway entrance to the oval garden (to the left of the 36th gate near Thomas Penn). This is the only location that outdoor posting is allowed.


There are several bulletin boards in public spaces immediately adjacent to the entrance stairwells of the buildings that comprise Riepe College House. These entrance bulletin boards are available for public posting by recognized Penn organizations, and, in fact are the only places where public posting is allowed. Public posting is strictly forbidden on all other bulletin boards throughout the House. This includes first floor bulletin boards used by the House as well as bulletin boards used by the RA/GA staff to post hall activities.

Excessive posting is not allowed. Examples of excessive posting include, for example, the posting of several posters advertising the same group or activity right next to each other or within a relatively small area.

Posting in such a way as to cover or deface someone else's poster is not permitted.

Posting that causes damage to the walls or furnishings, including the use of staples, tacks, and heavy amounts of tape, is not permitted.

Per University regulations, posting is not permitted on fire doors or exterior or interior doors.

Special Cases:

In the event that an organization has an event that they would like to be publicized to the entire House, they are asked to bring their posters to the Riepe College House office during office hours where the House Coordinator or a House Manager reads and approves them. Approved posters are stamped approved and distributed to the RA/GA staff for them to display or distribute to their hall residents.

Riepe allows flyering in some cases; for details see Quad Flyer Distribution Policy.


Rodin College House

In addition to the posting policies implemented by the University, the following restrictions and exceptions apply to Rodin College House:

• Posting is permitted in the following location only: Rooftop Lounge bulletin boards.

• No more than (1) copy of a poster may be posted in the same designated posting area.

• New postings may not cover any portion of an already posted poster that is less than two weeks old.

• The use of staples on bulletin boards is strictly prohibited. Appropriate posting materials include scotch tape and push-pins.

• Bulletin boards located on the residential floors (1-24) are reserved for posting by residential staff. Persons other than residential staff may not post in these areas.

• Individuals or groups who wish to have their flyers posted on residential floors may bring 24 copies of their flyer to the House Office. If the flyers are approved by the House Dean or House Coordinator, the House Office will distribute one copy of the flyer to every staff member for posting on their floors.

• In no case will posting be permitted on surfaces that will be damaged by posting or in manners that create hazards. This includes, but is not limited to, stairwell interiors, fire doors, fire extinguisher cabinets, fire safety and evacuation instructions and undesignated walls.

• Leafleting and soliciting, i.e., the placing of flyers under doors, are prohibited in Rodin College House.

Stouffer College House (including Mayer Hall)

• Anything being posted by someone other than a Stouffer College House staff member must be approved by the House Dean or House Coordinator.  

• Once approved, give the House Dean or House Coordinator enough for the Mayer lobby plus each floor & section (13 total) and they will be posted inside the doorways in Stouffer (not on the glass) and on the floors in Mayer (not in the elevator).

• No chalking is allowed at the top of the steps outside the Mayer Hall foyer.


Ware College House

  • Posting on walls (wood or sheetrock) or glass (entry doors) is prohibited throughout the college house.
  • NO soliciting (spoken or written) on behalf of any organization on-campus (recognized or not) unless specifically approved by House Dean. This includes writing candidate names or events on students' whiteboards or message boards.
  • ALL postings made in ANY part of the hall MUST be approved by the RA/GA before being posted!
  • RAs & GAs will remove any postings that have not been approved by them prior to posting.
  • ANYONE who has been made aware of this housing policy and continues to post inappropriately will be open to fines by the College House.
  • Ware allows flyering in some cases; for details see Quad Flyer Distribution Policy.
  • Want to Get Your Flyers Posted?
    • It's easier to do it the right way! Bring 25 copies to the House Dean or House Coordinator in McClelland and ask either to approve and distribute it to the RA/GAs. You can also go directly to the RA/GA for a single hall. At Ware it is at the RA or GA's discretion which posters will be hung on their bulletin boards and for how long. No more than one poster will be put on any one bulletin board for any single event or cause.


Quad Flyer Distribution Policy

Fisher Hassenfeld, Riepe and Ware College Houses: Flyer Distribution Procedure

Any student group that has met the registration requirements of the Office of Student Affairs at the University of Pennsylvania may flyer individual rooms in the three Houses that comprise the Quad under the following conditions:

      1. Flyers must be distributed under room doors only.
      2. Flyers may not be left on the ground, hung on doors or walls, placed in lounges or placed in any public areas including restrooms within the House.
      3. Flyers may not advertise events at which alcohol will be present either by direct statement or by implication.
      4. A resident's desire not to receive flyers must be respected.  As a result, flyers may not be distributed in any location where a “No Flyer/Posting” notice is posted.

Failure to abide by these procedures may result in the following actions:

      1. The group or individual acting on behalf of the group may be fined $100 for the first offense.  Fines will be increased by $100 increments for each subsequent offense.
      2. In addition to the imposition of fines the student group and/or individual students responsible may be referred to appropriate on-campus office or the Office of Student Conduct for the behavior.

In addition to the Flyer Distribution Procedures described above the Residential Handbook states that “residence space must be used only for study and living purposes and not as sales rooms, offices, service areas, or for storage of merchandise.  Soliciting and peddling in the residences are prohibited.”  Within the Houses soliciting is defined as requesting money or charitable donations and peddling is defined as the selling of goods or services for profit or for charitable purposes. 


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