Welcome to the College Houses at Penn


5,600 richly diverse faculty, staff and students call the College Houses home, living together on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania.  In the College Houses, the academic life of the University is deeply integrated into eleven unique undergraduate communities, where the change-makers of tomorrow find opportunities to engage with big ideas around every corner.

Prof. Lisa Lewis and Prof. Dennis DeTurck

Our doors are open to FACULTY

Faculty play a major role in our mission. Within our House communities, they encourage intellectual inquiry, and promote spirited discussions and interactions. Throughout the year, we encourage faculty to engage in the College Houses—whether as one of our faculty live-in Fellows or a supporting mentor. For more information, click here.

ITAs gain valuable experiences

College House Computing's Information Technology Advisors work in the College Houses to help their fellow residents tackle computing and technological issues, from getting hooked into Penn's networks to solving issues with malware and viruses. Penn News profiled the ITAs to find out how being an ITA built real-world experience for these savvy resident tech gurus.  Click here for the story!

EcoReps turn Houses GREEN

College House EcoRep Bailey Rowland and the Sustainability team at Penn's office of Facilities and Real Estate Services have published a report detailing the Green Living Certification program in the College Houses. Piloted in Stouffer in 2013-14, the program now encompasses all eleven Houses, helping residents reduce their environmental impact by making greener choices. Read the report here!

MENTORS PROGRAM serves West Philadelphia

Penn News recently highlighted the Mentors Program, a residential program which provides freshmen in Riepe College House with the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of elementary and middle school students in a West Philadelphia public school. Read the Penn News article here.