Welcome to the College Houses at Penn


5,600 richly diverse faculty, staff and students call the College Houses home, living together on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania.  In the College Houses, the academic life of the University is deeply integrated into eleven unique undergraduate communities, where the change-makers of tomorrow find opportunities to engage with big ideas around every corner.

Residential Programs applications are open now through noon on January 23.

2017-18 Room Selection: Click for more information from Residential Services

Residential Programs: Serious Fun.

Sophomore Ambassadors & The Feminist Space

Some high-rise residents will move into their College Houses next fall as members of two new Residential Programs: Sophomore Ambassadors in Harrison and the Feminist Space in Harnwell.  Sophomore Ambassadors is designed as a follow-up to the first-year College House experience; upperclass Harrisonians will partner with first-year students to foster interaction between their Houses, and Harrison will actively develop programs aimed at meeting sophomores' particular needs and learning styles.  The Feminist Space, Harnwell's new program, will house residents interested in exploring identity understanding and development, intersectionality, and social change through a framework of feminist thought.  For information about applying to these programs, click the links above; Residential Program applications will be open between January 18 at 9AM, and January 23 at noon, at MyHomeAtPenn.

New College House Faculty Director, Prof. Cam Grey, with President Amy Gutmann at the New College House opening ceremony

Our doors are open to Faculty

Faculty play a major role in our mission. Within our House communities, they encourage intellectual inquiry, and promote spirited discussions and interactions. Penn Current recently interviewed the Faculty Director of New College House, Prof. Cam Grey, about his experiences in nearly a decade of living as a faculty mentor in the College Houses. For more information about becoming a part of the College Houses as a faculty member, click here, or to read about another of our Fellow's experiences, click here.