Reserving College House Spaces

Indoor Spaces:

To reserve spaces within the College Houses such as seminar rooms, rooftop lounges, dance and/or music practice rooms, contact the individual House Offices directly.

Outdoor Spaces:

Usage of Hamilton Village outdoor spaces (for small and large scale events), including courtyards, lawns, walkways and green spaces that surround and/or are adjacent to the College Houses where residents may expect a reasonable amount of noise control, requires permission of the central College House office (CHAS).

To seek permission to stage outdoor events in these spaces, contact the CHAS Space Reservation Committee at 215.898.3131 and ask for Lisa Harris (lharris@upenn.edu).  You can see a list of available green spaces by clicking here.

*Note: Contact the appropriate House Office to reserve outdoor spaces directly attached to a House like the courtyard in the lower Quad, Stouffer patio, lifted-lawn at New, or Mayer backyard.