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Harrison House Director Eric Cottrell

Harrison House Director Eric Cottrell: #SpotlightOnService

Hikaru "Karu" Kozuma

Director of College Houses to become Vice Provost for University Life

Dr. Hikaru "Karu" Kozuma has been selected to serve as Penn's next Vice Provost for University Life, the University officer responsible for all aspects of student life at Penn, including academic, career and personal support, community clubs and organizations, cultural resource centers, and other administrative services.  Dr. Kozuma has been the Executive Director of College Houses and Academic Services for the past two years, establishing a strategic plan for the further development of the College Houses and guiding the department through the transition from COVID measures back to regular operations. All his colleagues at CHAS wish him the very best as he moves into this new and well-suited position at the University beginning May 1.  Penn News and the Daily Pennsylvanian have more.

Ambassador Amy Gutmann and President Liz Magill

Gutmann College House welcomes Ambassador Gutmann

On Thursday, February 2, the residents of Gutmann College House welcomed back the former President of the University, Dr. Amy Gutmann, who now serves the United States as the ambassador to Germany.  The residents of Gutmann College House were joined for the celebration by President Liz Magill and other University officials, faculty, and staff, to celebrate the official naming of the House and the unveiling of its dedicatory plaque. PennToday has more here.

Assoc. Prof. Mauro Calcagno, Rodin College House Fellow

Rodin College House Fellow discusses Italian theatre

Rodin College House Fellow Dr. Mauro Calcagno sat down with PennToday to discuss the upcoming performance of "Fedeli d'Amore" by the Teatro delle Albe at the Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts later this month. Dr. Calcagno, one of Rodin's resident music experts and the House's premier resource for all things Italian, discusses the work of the Italian theatre company and this performance here.