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College Houses Organization: Description

College Houses and Academic Services Organization, 2020-2021

College Houses and Academic Services (CHAS) is led by the Deputy Provost of the University of Pennsylvania. 

The Faculty component of CHAS is led by the CHAS Faculty Director, herself a part of Penn's tenured faculty.  She is the direct report of the College House Faculty Directors, one of whom lives in, and leads, each of the College Houses.  Each Faculty Director supervises two, three, or four College House Fellows, members of Penn's standing faculty who live in the College Houses and provide their expertise and leadership to the House residents.  Each House may have a Faculty Affiliate who does not live in the House but likewise supports the residents there.

The Staff component of CHAS is led by three Directors, one for First Year Houses (Fisher Hassenfeld, Hill, Kings Court English, Riepe, and Ware), one for the Upperclass Houses (Harnwell, Harrison, and Rodin), and one for the Four Year Houses (Du Bois, Gregory, Lauder, and Stouffer, and once it is opened in 2021, New College House West.)  Each Director supervises the House Deans for the College Houses in their group.  These House Deans supervise their student staff of Graduate Associates and Resident Advisors (GAs and RAs) as well as the House Coordinator for each College House.  The Faculty Directors in each House have a "dotted-line" relationship with the House Dean in their College House, interacting closely with them but not exercising a supervisory relationship.

In addition to supervising the Staff in their Area's Houses, the CHAS Directors are each responsible for a segment of administrative duties. The First Year Director is responsible for Paraprofessional Staff Training; the Upperclass Director is responsible for overall program assessment; and the Four Year House Director is responsible for overseeing programming in residence, student behavior, and communications and marketing.  He is assisted in these latter responsibilities by a full-time Marketing Coordinator.

The Administrative Coordinator of CHAS is led by a Senior Director of Operations and Administration, who oversees a Director of Administrative Services and a Director of College House Technology.

The Director of Administrative Services supervises the department's Business Administrator and the department's Administrative Coordinator.  The Business Administrator oversees the Financial Center, comprised of a Financial Services Assistant and an Administrative Assistant.

The Director of College House Technology supervises a staff comprised of five IT Support Specialists (including one Senior and one Lead Specialist) and three Application Developers (two of which are Senior Developers.)