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Opportunities for Penn Faculty

The College Houses are always open to interaction and direct involvement with Penn's faculty and that of visiting scholars from other colleges and universities.  We welcome speakers -- researchers, authors, political activists, musicians and more — to engage our communities in numerous ways including special dinners, workshops, and talks such as the Dinners with Interesting People in Ware College House, or Dinner and Conversation series in Harrison College House.

One of our Faculty College House Fellows has written about his experiences in residence: My Experience as a College House Fellow.

Faculty are especially invited to assist in mentoring any of our 30-plus Program Communities and serve as mentors to those communities. Topics range from ancient studies, to cinema, to the sciences, to diverse international cultures and languages; many have active partnerships with such distinguished departments and centers as the Fels Institute, Film Studies, Civic House, the Institute for Contemporary Art, Weiss Tech House, and the Ben Franklin Scholars.

Desire to engage with a particular House or program may be expressed by contacting the House Dean or centrally, by contacting Martin Redman, Senior Director of College Houses and Academic Services, at