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Open Positions in CHAS

We currently have an open position for a House Director.

At any given time in the year, there may be open staff positions in College Houses & Academic Services.  The Penn Human Resources website offers an easy way to search for those positions as well as a portal to apply.

Go to and click on "Search Postings".  Entering "College Houses and Academic Services" in the search bar will pull up House-related positions, some of which are within CHAS.

All other positions, such as student managers, student RA teams, and faculty in residence are filled through different processes not coordinated by Human Resources.

For general questions about joining the CHAS staff — administrative or in-residence — send an email query to

House Director

A member of the College Houses & Academic Services (CHAS) staff, the House Director is a senior full-time administrative position within a College House and is responsible for the daily programmatic operations of a House. The House Director, along with the resident House Faculty Director & House Fellows, form the senior leadership of each House. The House Director is also responsible for collaborating across CHAS with the other House Directors and with partners in University Life, Residential Services, the larger CHAS unit and New Student Orientation and Academic Initiatives units. The House Director selects, trains, evaluates and supervises a full-time administrative assistant, and in coordination with CHAS also trains and evaluates the paraprofessional student staff. The House Director supervises the paraprofessional and paid student staff. The House Director is responsible for development, implementation and evaluation of a diverse and cohesive array of programs designed to create community within their house, to provide academic support and enrichment opportunities, to meet the developmental needs of the residents, and to carry out the mission of CHAS. The House Director collaborates with and provides support to the resident House Faculty Director and House Fellows to provide academic, intellectual, social, and community engagement opportunities for all residents in the house. The House Director serves as a pre-major advisor in the College of Arts & Sciences to students assigned by that office; collaborates with each of the 4 undergraduate schools in support of their educational objectives and priorities; provides academic support and personal counseling to College House residents. The House Director coordinates communications and events for the house; is responsible for managing the house finances with direction from CHAS; and implements numerous procedures and policies from across the university. Although each of the houses in CHAS have different identities, different physical layouts and student populations (i.e. first year, upper-class, four-year), the House Director is expected to support all CHAS goals for building and maintaining living environments that are supportive, engaging and assist student success. This is a live-in position. A two-bedroom apartment is provided. This position is designated as "essential" and expected to work when normal campus operations are suspended (e.g.: inclement weather) or if there is an emergency impacting on-campus residents. In addition, you may be expected to work outside of your regular schedule during peak activity periods (e.g.: move-in). To the extent possible, managers will provide timely notice of modified work schedules.

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House Coordinator

Under limited supervision the House Coordinator (Administrative Assistant B) supports the House Director in all administrative functions of the College House. Includes financial processing and record keeping; supporting undergraduate, graduate and faculty residential staff; coordinating annual hiring of residential staff; facilitating communications and supporting all aspects of residential life according to the goals of the College House. Provides support to CHAS central and other House Offices as needed.

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College House Fellows

The Offices of the Provost and the College Houses and Academic Services (CHAS) invite applications for service as a College House Fellow.  This is a residentially-based position that carries a two-year term.

Faculty applicants from all 12 of Penn’s schools are welcome to apply.  The most important qualification is an enthusiastic interest in mentoring and engaging undergraduate students within the residential setting.  Members of the University’s faculty and full-time administrative staff in academic or student affairs who will be in their positions for at least two years are welcome to apply.

College House Fellows play a key role in connecting the Houses to the larger academic community at Penn. Fellows are responsible for working with the Faculty Director to develop each College House as an educational resource that encourages intellectual inquiry, promotes academic programs in residence, fosters faculty and student interaction and builds strong, supportive House and CHAS communities. Specific responsibilities will differ from House to House, but the general time commitment is approximately 10 hours per week.

Although there are 25 Fellow positions in the College House system, the number of openings seldom exceeds six. For these highly-sought-after positions, the selection process can be quite competitive. Applicants are reviewed by the Undergraduate Deans, the Office of College Houses and its Faculty Director, and the individual House community members, including the House Faculty Director, House Directors and student residents.

Information about each College House, the Fellow positions and application process may be found at  Please explore the “join us” section of the website for position information.  If you have any questions please contact Prof. Deven Patel, Faculty Director of CHAS (

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