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House Life

College House Research Fellows

Meet the College House Research Fellows!  Below is our current cohort of student researchers and projects.  Representing all four undergraduate schools, the RFs find creative ways to bridge their work to their College House community.  Based on their acceptance year, the RFs meet together in one of two cohorts (Red or Blue). 

2018-19 Cohort:  Blue

House Research Fellow Project Title
Du Bois Hannah Listerud Evaluating Fidelity to Safety Planning for Treating Suicidal College Students among Clinicians in College Mental Health Centers

Robin Hu

Design and Development of NAT Family Inhibitors
Gregory Michael Di Martino A Qualitative Study of TeleICU Utilization at Good Shepherd Specialty Hospital and Penn Presbyterian Medical Center

Cassidy M. Gallagher

Vivian Li

Community Health Needs Assessment in Bienvenido, Dominican Republic

Information Asymmetries in Corporate Bond Markets


Joseph Squillaro

Verifying the Two-Step Verification Protocol: A Feasibility and Efficacy Study of Cybersecurity and Cyberlaw at Penn and Beyond


Junduo Liao &
Nikhil Avadhani​

Disease transmission within college dormitories: addressing social, structural, and spatial determinants of health
Kings Court
Justin Choi There’s No Such Thing as a Free Lunch…..Or Is There?
Lauder Madison (Maddie) Magee Accessible Insight to Muscle Movements
Riepe Alejandra S. Bahena Conformational Changes Upon Binding of the α-Synuclein in Cellular Membranes

Jacob Dubner

Morgan Smalls

Investigating the Efficacy of the Oral Rehydration Tube in Treating Diarrheal Disease in Rural Uganda

The Clash of Rights and Punishment


Taré Floyd

Caleb Chen

Gender Identity and Expression in Romance Languages

Inequality within Data-Oriented Networked Systems

Ware Fatima Al Rashed How Does the Energy Crisis in The Gambia Affect Patient Care?

2017-18 Cohort: Red

House Research Fellow Project Title
Du Bois
Princess T. Aghayere Personal Experiences and Stories of Liberians During and After the Ebola Epidemic

Sumant Shrnigari

Thioamide Modifications of the Protein Backbone
Gregory Gabrielle L. Ramirez Complementary and Alternative Therapies (CAM) in the Treatment of Women with 
Amenorrhea: A Systematic Review of the Literature

Jordan Dewar

Felix Shen

A New Model of Statehood: The Evolution of Statehood from the Beginning of the 20th Century to the Modern Day and Its Impact

Producing bioethanol from dining hall food waste



Deniz Beser

Hyuntae Byun

Computational Modeling of Word Learning

Symbiotic Relationships and Pathways Between Vibrio cholerae and Anabaena sp

Hill Daniel Stekol Flashflood: A Bottom-Up Approach to Image Edge-Detection
Kings Court
Baran Kayim Analyzing Cancer Cell Signaling Topology Via Convolutional Graph Learning
NCH Ghelila Mascio African Women's Health and the Social Impact of Female Genital Mutilation
Riepe Emma Lu Characterizing the Role of Fgf7 And Bmp4 inRegulating Alveolar Type 2 Progenitor Cell Functions using Ex Vivo Organoids

Victoria Meng

Investigating Food Inequality in Philadelphia's Refugee Communities

Stouffer Taré Floyd Gender Identity and Expression in Romance Languages
Ware William Castner Finding Shelter on the Plains