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Meet the Music Fellows

Jiho Lee, Ware College House

"The world has undergone many changes in the past several centuries. The old ideas and technologies that we had embraced in the past have been eclipsed by the new replacements. In a society where such changes are emphasized, highly valued, and become trends on social media, it is understandable why many people believe Western classical music is too outdated and unimportant. In this rapidly changing world, Western art music has become a dying art form in people’s beliefs and hearts. However, modern composers are still drawing inspiration from classical pieces. By holding the essence of the original music, many artists are using the old Western classical music as the framework for modern arts. With changed methods, new structures, techniques, and styles, modern works adapt the older tradition so that everyone can enjoy and easily listen."


Abhinav Ramkumar, Kings Court English College House

"I want to continue a series of musical jams in KCECH that I am starting this fall, focused on global music themes. The structure of the program I hope to create is somewhat similar to the music group I am a part of, called Sargam. In Sargam, what we do is that we have jams based on different genres, which lead to arrangements that people perform in the show. This year, I have already started the jam sessions, and with this fellowship, I intend to put together a culminating performance at the end of the spring term.

"The key aspect of my program that is unique is that this will include students from limited musical background all the way to people who have professional performance experience. The way I hope to integrate a wide range of backgrounds is through having workshops that help to perfect instrumental/vocal techniques by having experienced residents lead aspects of rehearsals so that other members can improve their skills."

Pierre Peters, Riepe College House

"For the project, I intend to produce a multimedia performance series that honors and engages with the work of American folk-singer and social activist, Pete Seeger. The entire series would not entirely be focused on Pete Seeger, but on his role as a catalyst for American social activism and protest that incorporated the influence of artists before him and inspired many artists after him. The purpose of this performance series is not only to honor the special occasion of what would have been Pete Seeger’s 100th birthday, but to also recognize all aspects of his being from musicality to activism. It also seemed important to highlight his fight against racial and environmental injustice, certainly in the current political climate."

Evan Thomas, Harrison College House

"Pop-up concerts, one-day shows in unique and intimate venues, are a musical phenomenon that is growing in popularity. While directing the music for Front Row Theater Company’s production of Fun Home in Heyer Sky Lounge, it was evident that the Lounge would be a perfect place to host a pop-up style concert to entertain Penn students. I am a singer-songwriter and recently started a band. Harrison Rooftop is the ideal place for a single end-of-term Showcase of my songs."


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