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Jiho Lee, Ware College House

"The world has undergone many changes in the past several centuries. The old ideas and technologies that we had embraced in the past have been eclipsed by the new replacements. In a society where such changes are emphasized, highly valued, and become trends on social media, it is understandable why many people believe Western classical music is too outdated and unimportant. In this rapidly changing world, Western art music has become a dying art form in people’s beliefs and hearts. However, modern composers are still drawing inspiration from classical pieces. By holding the essence of the original music, many artists are using the old Western classical music as the framework for modern arts. With changed methods, new structures, techniques, and styles, modern works adapt the older tradition so that everyone can enjoy and easily listen."

(A photo of 2020 Undergraduate Music Fellow Jiho Lee sitting at a grand piano, with the text "Classical Music Reborn" and "Jiho Lee, 2020 Undergraduate Music Fellowship")


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