House Life

House Life

Applying to Upperclass PCs

Program Communities: Shared curiosity, shared space.

Program Community applications for upperclassmen are upcoming on MyHomeAtPenn.  Dates of applications to be announced.

It’s not just first-year students who are offered the opportunity to live with other students and faculty who share a passion for a particular subject—many Program Communities offer membership to upperclass students too! Membership in a Program Community or an approved Student Designed Community is completely voluntary but requires a special application process.

Pick a Program Community (PC) and then follow House instructions:

World Cultures and Languages

Harnwell: Ancient StudiesEast Asia HouseInternational Program, Latin American Program

Arts & Letters

Harnwell: Arts House

Harrison: Front Row Theatre & the Arts

Rodin: The Rodin Arts Collective (TRAC)

Identity & Self

Harnwell: Muslim Life Residential Program (A Student-Designed Community)

Lauder: 2XP (Second Year Experience)

Rodin: Jewish Cultural Studies (A Student-Designed Community), Balanced Living Community (BLoC)

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)

Harnwell: Biosciences CommunityEco-House

Leadership Development

Kings Court English: Upperclass Programs in KCECH

Rodin: Rodin Leadership Program

Apply to a PC:

  • Investigate your options on the CHAS and House websites and note any special essay requirements here
  • Don’t forget to apply (with roommates or as an individual) from your MyHomeAtPenn portal between February 23 at 9AM and March 5 at 1PM.
  • Select a PC that interests you
  • Follow selection instructions as designated by each College House
  • Watch for email updates about assignment decisions
  • Visit the Residential Services website for general application instructions