House Life

House Life

Applying to Upperclass PCs

Program Communities: Shared curiosity, shared space.

Program Community applications for upperclassmen are upcoming on MyHomeAtPenn from January 19-28, 2022.  DEADLINE IS 1/28 AT NOON.



It’s not just first-year students who are offered the opportunity to live with other students and faculty who share a passion for a particular subject—many Program Communities offer membership to upperclass students too! Membership in a Program Community or an approved Student Designed Community is completely voluntary but requires a special application process.

These Program Communities are open to upperclassmen:

World Cultures and Languages

Harnwell: Ancient Studies, Asian/Asian American Program CommunityInternational Program, Latin American Program

Harrison: Multicultural Exchange Community (A Student-Designed Community)

Lauder: Food for Thought (A Student-Designed Community)

Arts & Letters

Harnwell: Arts House

Harrison: Front Row Theatre & the Arts

Rodin: The Rodin Arts Collective (TRAC)

Identity & Self

Harnwell: Muslim Life Residential Program (A Student-Designed Community)

Lauder: 2XP (Second Year Experience), East Asia Media & Culture (A Student-Designed Community)

Rodin: Jewish Cultural StudiesBalanced Living Community (BLoC), Transfer Living Community

Leadership Development

Harrison: Harrison Serves, Incubate@Penn (A Student-Designed Community), 

Kings Court English: Upperclass Programs in KCECH

Rodin: Rodin Leadership Program

College House Course Communities (Credit-Bearing)

Gregory: Modern Language Program* (German House, French House, Spanish House); Film Culture Program

W.E.B. Du Bois College House: Zulu in Residence

  • *Modern Language Program also offers a Chinese House but this does not currently offer course credit for participation.

Apply to a PC:

  • Investigate your options on the CHAS and House websites and note any special essay requirements here
  • Select a PC that interests you
  • Apply (with roommates or as an individual) as part of Room Selection from your MyHomeAtPenn portal between January 19th and January 28th at 12 noon.
  • Watch for email updates about assignment decisions
  • Visit the Residential Services website for general application instructions

Program Community applications require a short essay (1,000 words maximum); guidelines appear in the dropdown below:

• The general essay prompt for all Program Community applicants is as follows:

Please address the following questions (maximum is 1000 words/10,000 characters):

  1. Why are you interested in joining this Program Community?
  2. What would your involvement bring to this program’s overall experience?
  3. How have you participated in your current House community?
  4. If you have a specific bedroom, roommate pairing, or neighbor preferences, please list them.

• Some PCs want you to cover different information in your essay.  Review below and visit the links for more information:

  • Harrison/Front Row Theatre and the Arts: Students are asked to write a brief essay explaining their participation to date in the activities of the Front Row Theater company, or other theater groups on campus. First preference will be given to students who have participated specifically with Front Row Theater or art initiatives undertaken within Harrison College House (Harrison Art-Ins, Harrison Saturday Night Events, Cinema 180, or PCI).
  • Kings Court English/KCECH Upperclass Programs: Address the essay prompt and also cover what role you would take as an upperclass leader in a First-Year College House?

If not listed, then there are no requirements other than the general essay prompt. For a complete list of available Program Communities, visit our list here.