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College House Cup: Cup Reps

College House Cup: Play For PrideEach College House has Cup Representatives who coordinate with CHAS Special Events and Intramural Sports (IM). While at least one person may serve in both roles, multiple people can also assume duties. Reps assist in the marketing and registration of College House Cup events, and serve as members on the Cup Committee that coordinates and brainstorms Cup programs. See our schedule of events for more details.

Resources for Cup Reps:

Click here to download the Cup Rep Info Sheet for more details about responsibilities for Cup Reps.

Click here for detailed instructions about signing up for an intramural account.

Click here to see a schedule of College House and Intramural events.

Click here to see the standings.

Find Your Cup Reps:

House Cup Rep Email
Du Bois Jose Loya
Du Bois Jonathan Muruako
Fisher Catherine Chang
Fisher Ryan McKenzie
Harnwell Ozi Amuzie
Harnwell Jordan King
Harrison Jackson Fultz
Hill Caterina Alvarez
Hill Sam Sheridan
KCECH Abdullah Zaini
Lauder Priscilla Andalia
Lauder Kevin Bui
Riepe Cassie He
Riepe Sasha Mills
Rodin Adrian Evans
Rodin Latrice Ferguson
Rodin Jelani Hutchins-Belgrave
Stouffer Chidi Nwogbaga
Stouffer Connor Feyen
Stouffer Harold Benavides
Stouffer Marshall Buggy