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Penn Student Film Festival

Penn Student Film Festival 2019: April 8-10 

The Penn Student Film Festival offers an opportunity to share and enjoy the creative output of cinematic voices of our very Penn student filmmakers. Sponsored by Penn College Houses & Academic Services, the festival welcomes short film submissions from any student at Penn and invites the whole Penn community to watch and appreciate cinema!


FIRST PRIZE: Gulistan | Ariana Keswani McGinn, 2019

SECOND PRIZE: Flyover State | Alessandro Consuelos, 2019

THIRD PRIZE & AUDIENCE FAVORITE: Fangs for Nothing | Michael Wenger, 2019



Penn Student Film Festival 2019 Submission Guidelines:

  • Festival is open to Penn students only.

  • Films can be no longer than 10 minutes.

  • All genres of films will be accepted to the competition. There will not be separate categories for awards.

  • All entries must be submitted via Vimeo or YouTube link.

  • Each film must be accompanied by an entry form (see below).

  • Each individual or team can submit no more than 1 entry.

  • All entries must have been made in the 2018-19 year.

  • We will not disqualify films that contain copyrighted material. However, please be aware that you will not be able to submit your film to other festivals or additional outlets if it contains copyrighted materials.

  • We will not accept films that have already been submitted to past editions of the Penn Student Film Festival.

How to Submit Films:

​Penn Student Short Film Prizes

presented by College Houses & Academic Services

First prize: $500
Second prize: $250
Third prize: $150
Audience Favorite: $100


Last year's Festival was written up on Penn Today.  You can also read about past festivals in the Daily Pennsylvanian's 34th Street magazine: [2016] [2015]