House Life

Applying to First Year Program Communities

Program Communities: shared curiosity, shared space.

Checklist for incoming first-year students interested in Program Communities (PCs):

Important items to note:

  • Incoming first-years may list up to two PC preferences and these will be considered your top choices(s).
  • Most of the PCs require an essay at the time of application. The exception is the Film Culture program in Gregory College House.
  • Applicants' essays for the Modern Languages Residential Program in Gregory College House should describe formal and informal language experience. 

Your essay should describe your present interests and activities related to the PC, the contributions you expect to make, and the benefits you hope to derive from community membership. Your essay should be no longer than 500 words. These essays are reviewed by the House Dean for acceptance into the PC and room assignment. The types of rooms available to first-years are limited. While your preference will be considered, if accepted into a PC you will be assigned to any available space.

Information for incoming first-year students interested in Huntsman or Integrated Studies Program:

First-years enrolled in the Huntsman Program for International Studies and Business are required to select the Huntsman Program as their first housing preference. Similarly, Benjamin Franklin Scholars must request the Integrated Studies Program as their first housing preference. As residency is required for both programs, no PC essay is needed.

For more information on the Integrated Studies Program/Ben Franklin Scholars, click here.
For more information on the Huntsman Program, click here.

***Information updated annually in January.