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House Life

College House Expertise

The College Houses provide not only a safe place for undergraduates to live and study, but also allow them the unique opportunity to share their home with Penn's outstanding faculty and other scholars engaged in a multitude of intellectual pursuits. Penn's Faculty Directors, College House Fellows and House Deans bring an incredible wealth of expertise into each of the College Houses, as can be seen in this list.

W.E.B. Du Bois College House

William Gipson,
Faculty Director

Associate Vice-Provost for Equity and Access; Adjunct Assistant Professor, Religious Studies; Primary Investigator, Jesse Ball du Pont Summer Mentorship Plus Grant

Religious activity on campus; counseling and guidance for students, faculty and  staff; community partnership initiatives; academically-based community service courses

Rhina Duquela,
House Dean

House Dean

Social justice advocacy & inclusiveness education

Audrey Mbeje,
College House Fellow

Director, Program in African Languages, African Studies Center  and Lecturer / SAS; Director of Fulbright-Hays Zulu Group Project Abroad in South Africa

African linguistics; foreign language acquisition and pedagogy (specialization in African languages); online materials development for foreign language learners

Robin Stevens,
College House Fellow
Assistant Professor of Nursing Public health communication; health equity; new media and technology; sexual health and substance use among youth of color

Fisher Hassenfeld College House

Betsy Rymes,
Faculty Director

Associate Professor, Linguistics / GSE

Linguistic anthropology of education; Language socialization; Multilingualism and TESOL; Youth culture, mass media, and schooling

Ebonish Lamar,
House Dean

House Dean

Curriculum development, Living and Learning Communities, Social Justice programming/training, University Residential Life operations, First Year transition seminars, Assessment, Program development, Graduate Student professional development, Advising

Paul Axelsen,
College House Fellow

Professor, Pharmacology / School of Medicine

Protein lipid interactions, especially membrane-mediated protein folding and amyloidogenesis; optical spectroscopy, especially infrared, fluorescence, and internal reflection spectroscopy

Nadine Gabbadon,
College House Fellow

Assistant Dean for Advising / The College

Advertising, mass media industries, and the social and industrial construction of age

Gregory College House

Lisa Lewis,
Faculty Director

Associate Professor of Nursing and Africana Studies/ Department of Family and Community Health/ School of Nursing; CHAS Faculty Director


Reducing racial disparities in blood pressure control; investigating determinants of medication adherence in hypertensive Blacks; developing and testing community-based interventions targeted at improving the behavioral management of hypertension for urban Blacks

Christopher  Donovan,
House Dean

Lecturer, English and Cinema Studies / SAS; College House Liaison to the College

American literature, film and film criticism

Lance Wahlert,
College House Fellow

Assistant Professor, Department of Medical Ethics and Health Policy, Perelman School of Medicine;
Director, Master of Bioethics Program;
Director, Project on Bioethics, Sexuality, and Gender Identity;
Core Faculty, Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies at Penn; PSOM Faculty Adviser, Minor in Bioethics (SAS)

Medical Humanities; Bioethics;
Queer Studies; English and Irish Literature;
History of Medicine; Cinema Studies; LGBTQ health policy

Katie Barott,
College House Fellow

Assistant Professor of Biology, Department of Biology/ SAS

Ecology and Biodiversity; Microbiology; Neurobiology, Behavior, and Physiology;
Cell and Developmental Biology; Genetics, Epigenetics, Genomics

Byron Sherwood,
College House Fellow
Senior Fellow, Department of Biology / SAS Oceanography; Microbial ecology; Microbiology

Harnwell College House

Kent Bream,
Faculty Director

Medical Director, Sayre Health Center; Assistant Professor of Family Medicine and Community Health; Associate Director, Predoctoral Education (Family Medicine); Faculty Advisor, United Community Clinics; Faculty Advisor, Guatemala Health Initiative

Community health; global health; maternal and neonatal health; cultural studies; visual arts

Viraj Patel,
House Dean
House Dean Social justice advocacy, leadership, Asian American and Pacific Islander community needs and concerns, dialogue facilitation, higher education, civic engagement and activism

Adriana Perez,
College House Fellow

Assistant Professor, Nursing

Cardiovascular health promotion among older diverse populations; culturally-relevant wellness motivation; promotion of healthy aging via sustainable community programs

Ivanco Talevski,
College House Fellow

Senior Lecturer, Drawing and Painting / SAS

Examples of Mr. Talevski's work can been viewed at

Harrison College House

Michael Gamer,
Faculty Director

Professor of English / SAS

Literature, Business, Art, Politics, Film, Law, and Theater. Teaches classes primarily in British literature, including “Jane Austen and Adaptation,” “Romantic Revolutions,” “The Gothic," “The Romantic Book,” and “Novel and Romance.” These courses tend to read literature in its original context, and ask students to combine economic and tactical thinking — about things like censorship, copyright, sales, and reviewers — with more traditional literary analyses. 
Additional interests in investment banking, Italian culture, hiking, travel, and all-things London.

Frank Pellicone,
House Dean

Lecturer, Department of Italian, Cinema Studies, and English; CURF Fellowship Advisor; Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) team member

Italian Language and Literature; Medieval and Renaissance Literature; Italian/American Studies; Cinema Studies; Nonprofit Administration

Nicola M. Gentili,
College House Fellow

Associate Director, Cinema Studies Program; Administrative Director, Penn-in-Cannes and Penn-in-Florence / SAS

Italian language, literature, and cinema; study abroad; law and business

Deven Patel,
College House Fellow
Associate Professor, Religious Studies & South Asia Studies; Undergraduate Chair, South Asia Studies Sanskrit language and literature (belles-lettres, epics, and drama); traditions of South Asian grammar and linguistics; the history, aesthetics, and reception of Indian literatures; Indian philosophy and intellectual history; Pali, Prakrit, Hindi and Gujarati language and literature; translation theory

Hill College House

Julie Sochalski,
Faculty Director

Associate Professor, Research Faculty, Center for
Health Outcomes and Policy Research / Nursing;
Senior Fellow, Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics
Variation in patient outcomes and the factors associated
with nursing care; impact of nurse-managed comprehensive geriatric outpatient with frail elders

Deona Hatley,
House Dean

House Dean

Advising and mentoring; athletics; First-Year experience; Fraternity and Sorority life; multicultural affairs; programming and event management; residential life; student conduct

Fayyaz Vellani,
College House Fellow

Lecturer in Critical Writing,
Critical Writing Program

The role of law in creating inclusive environments for disabled people, with a particular focus on socio-political and legal frameworks in the UK, USA and Australia. Law, environment and public space: examining notions of equal access and the relationships between representations of identity and various notions of "environment"

Krystal Strong,
College House Fellow

Assistant Professor, Education, Culture and Society / GSE

Anthropology of education and politics, youth activism and cultural practices, Africa and the African diaspora, new media and popular culture

Kings Court English College House

Jorge Santiago-Aviles,
Faculty Director

Associate Professor, Electrical and Systems Engineering / SEAS; Co-Principal Investigator, ITEST-Nano project; Advisor, IEEE Student Chapter, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE); Co-founder, La Casa Latina

Electro-spinning and nanofiber technology. Electrical Energy Storage Devices, Pseudo-capacitors, Redox electrochemical characterization

M'hamed Krimo Bokreta,
House Dean

Lecturer, Geology / SAS

Mineralogy; Environment and Technology; Student Learning and Leadership; Advisor to PennScience Journal of Undergraduate Research

Rose Malague,
College House Fellow

Senior Lecturer, Theatre Arts / SAS

Specializations in American theatre and performance, acting theory and pedagogy, women and theatre

Victor Preciado,
College House Fellow

Raj and Neera Singh Term Assistant Professor,
Electrical and Systems Engineering / SEAS

Modeling, analysis and optimization of dynamical processes and strategic interactions in large-scale complex networks

Lauder College House

Campbell A. Grey,
Faculty Director
Associate Professor, Classical Studies / SAS Roman social and economic history, particularly the history of non-elite and marginal populations such as beggars, criminals, and foreigners
Trina N. Sokoloski,
House Dean
House Dean Restorative practices; Residential community development, student engagement, leadership development, staff training
Bridgette Brawner,
College House Fellow
Assistant Professor of Nursing Health disparities in underprivileged communities; family and community health
Jennifer Ponce de Léon,
College House Fellow
Assistant Professor, Department of English; Faculty in Latin American and Latino Studies; Affiliated Faculty in Gender Sexuality and Women’s Studies and in Cinema Studies; member of the Graduate Group in Comparative Literature Transnational Latina/o/x and Latin American studies; contemporary art, literature and performance in the Americas; aesthetics; and social theory, including anticolonial and postcolonial thought and the study of social movements​; Latinx and Latin American cultural production; Marxist cultural studies; postcolonial and decolonial theory; critical development studies

Riepe College House

Ralph Rosen,
Faculty Director

Vartan Gregorian Professor of the Humanities and Professor of Classical Studies

Greek and Latin literature, especially comic and satirical genres; Greek philosophy and ancient intellectual history; Greek and Roman Medicine; comparative poetics; ancient and modern aesthetics

Marilynne Diggs-Thompson,
House Dean

Lecturer, Anthropology / SAS

Cultural anthropology; modernization and transformation in Guadeloupe; fertility change, family formation, education, and migration among the French West Indian immigrant communities

Sebastián Gil-Riaño,
College House Fellow

Assistant Professor, History and Sociology of Science / SAS

20th century history of scientific racial conceptions with a regional focus on Latin America and the Global South

Amy Stornaiuolo,
College House Fellow

Associate Professor, Literacy, Culture and International Education / GSE

Literacy and learning in adolescence and adulthood; digital literacies; writing; teachers, youth, and social media; education in global contexts

Rodin College House

Daniel Gillion,
Faculty Director

Presidential Associate Professor, Political Science/ SAS; Robert Wood Johnson Health Policy Scholar, Harvard University 2012-2014

Racial and ethnic politics, political behavior, public opinion, and the American presidency

Kathryn McDonald
House Dean

House Dean

Residential life, training and development, student leadership and supervision, college teaching, facilitation

Mauro Calcagno,
College House Fellow

Associate Professor of Music / SAS

Musical dramaturgy and theatricality, performance studies, digital humanities, Baroque opera, the madrigal

Hsiao-wen Cheng,
College House Fellow
Assistant Professor of East Asian Religions / SAS Gender & Sexuality; Chinese Religions and Intellectual History; Chinese Medical History; Premodern Chinese Anecdotal Writing

Jamuna Samuel,
College House Fellow

Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellow, Department of Music / SAS

Italian art music of the twentieth century

Megan Robb,
College House Fellow

Assistant Professor of South Asian Religions, Department of Religious Studies / SAS

Gender and Religion in South Asia; history of Islam in South Asia; Hindi and Urdu Public Spheres; Modernity and Print; 19th and 20th Century Reformist Movements

Stouffer College House

Phil Nichols,
Faculty Director

Associate Professor, Legal Studies and Business Ethics / Wharton

Corruption; economic and social development in emerging economies; international institutions, particularly trade

Nadir Sharif,
House Dean

House Dean

Multicultural and international student affairs, identity development in college student populations, affinity-based community development

Rahul Mukherjee,
College House Fellow

Dick Wolf Assistant Professor of Television and New Media Studies / SAS

Media, politics and technology; cultural studies; media theory

Erin Cross,
College House Fellow
Director, LGBT Center; Senior Fellow, Center for Global Women's Health / Nursing; Affiliated Faculty, Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies Program / SAS Queer, gender, and learning theories in out of school contexts

Ware College House

Mark Liberman,
Faculty Director

Christopher H. Browne Distinguished Professor of Linguistics / SAS; Professor, Computer and Information Science / SEAS; Director, Linguistic Data Consortium

Prosody; the melody and rhythm of speech; speech and language technology; the evolution of language

Amanda Atkinson,
House Dean

House Dean

Academic advising; Community building; First-year experience
programming; Sophomore year programming; Student judicial

Carol Muller,
College House Fellow

Professor of Music / SAS

South African music; music, gender and religious studies; migration and diaspora studies; critical ethnography

Helen Davies,
College House Fellow

Professor, Microbiology; Lecturer in Infectious Diseases / School of Medicine; former National President, Association for Women in Science

Bioenergetics, on reactions of mitochondrial and bacterial cytochromes; virulence factors of Streptococci and Haemophilus organisms; recruitment and retention of minority group members and women in biomedical careers